Friday, 17 February 2012

Human Rights Commissar Says Christians Must Shut Up

Human Rights Commissar says Christians must obey State law when it contradicts our Faith. What he doesn't realise is that Acts of Parliament are not "the Law" when they contradict the Law, which comes from God. e.g. an Act of Parliament may consider it (in modern parlance) "lawful" to murder a baby, to allow sodomy in public, for widespread euthanasia, or to have blasphemy and foul language on TV; but such an Act of Parliament goes against Objective Truth and as the Law is rooted in Christianity it cannot be turned on its head by the misinterpretations of politicians.

To put it simply, murder cannot be made "lawful" just because politicians vote it so anymore than if they vote left is right or right is left.

That's my penny's worth anyway.

How interesting that his comments were reported by The Tablet, who seem to wish to follow Acts of Parliament rather than the Law of God upon which all binding and legitimate Law of the land is based.

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'Christians Must Choose...'

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