Friday, 10 February 2012

Devon: Hotbed of Illegal Prayer

So public prayer is "illegal."

What a world! Homosexual rights activists parade their "pride" in scanty clothes; a 'spliff' smoked in public will get you a reprimand from a constable at best; MPs found swindling can 'pay back' their ill-gotten gains and not face court, foul language is the norm on the streets, in public, on TV and even on clothes...

But prayers at a council meeting?

The agenda of militant secularists is being pushed through thanks to "human rights" legislation; which I mistakenly thought would be about stopping torture or shoot-to-kill style policies...

That prayer is now deemed illegal in some circumstances speaks volumes of where we have come to.

A couple of years back a good friend had a Mass for his inauguration as the local Mayor, with local politicians and suchlike invited. He must be akin to a war criminal by now, on the run in Bolivia for his heinous crime against humanity...

Devon Council Prayer Illegal


  1. Gareth,

    Thank you for the link to the story.

    As the BBC state in their report 'the case was not won on human rights grounds but on a point of statutory construction of local government legislation' - specifically section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972.

    The judge also ruled 'that prayers could be said as long as councillors were not formally summoned to attend.'

    1. I dunno... there is always legalese. It just smacks of further 'seperation of Church and State.'

      We have govt (at all levels) FORCING anti-Church agenda on us. Think of abortion, "gay marriage," the porn that is sex education, and so on.

      Yet some councillors pray in a council meeting and the law of the land comes into force.

      Something just isn't right. When I potter around London it is not uncommon to smell 'pot' (cannabis) in the air from passers-by.

      The law can say this, that and the other - but the message given out is that prayer is OK in controlled circumstances, and drugs are OK in some circumstances.

      It's a kind of amoral ambivalence, but at one end of it are a militant secularist force. If it wasn't Devon but Manchesetr or Birmingham, no doubt they would have used the old lie of 'offending' other religions.

      They use all the tricks in the book.

  2. You'll be delighted to hear as I was that the Government Minister for the appropriate department says that the Law in question is being amended to make prayers at Council Meetings legal and should happen in 2-3 weeks. They are closing the loophole this got through. Its really annoying the man in question lost a number of votes asking to stop prayers and was never expected to join in. the believers respected his rights why couldn't he respect theirs?

    1. Thanks Marion. Rather depressingly I'm not at all surprised that the secularists twisted events to suit their agenda. The enemies of the Church have done that for 2000 years.