Saturday, 24 March 2012

Joanna Bogle Tackles the Foul Internet Haters

And She Rides a Bike Too!
Why do those who say they are against "hate" practice the most hateful of lifestyles (sic) often embroiled in drugs, multiple 'partners' and violence?

Why do those who say they are against "hate" spread the most vile hateful language and twisted rage against God and His Church on the internet?

Joanna Bogle (pictured right), an intrepid and insightful journalist, is exposing the messages of hate posted by homosexual militants on the internet.

Visit her blog to find out more, leave feedback, offer info, help etc.

It is vitally important that the public understands that it is not Catholics posting vile abuse, foul language and outright hatred on the internet.

One wonders why the police don't take action against the blogs, sites, fora etc. that allow abuse of Catholics, clerics etc. who dare to defend the Church, the Magisterium, Catholic tradition and the Gospel Truth, all to let those who would otherwise engage in them realise that homosexual sexual activity is a mortal sin which kills the presence of God in one's soul and leads to eternal damnation.

Certain pressure groups (minorities within a minority) may not like that, but the Truth will set you free.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Medieval Music Documentary on the BBC

The Sackbut - a Medieval Trombone
If you have the time listen to this great 30 minute documentary The Topping Tooters of the Town on BBC iplayer.

As the blurb for the programme says: "William Lyons conjures the brash brilliance of the Waits, town musicians at their peak in the 15th and 16th centuries, playing shawms, cornetts and sackbutts."

It is also a reminder of how our culture is rooted in Catholic European traditions, the guilds of Medieval Europe etc.

You'll be pleased to learn the sackbut (pictured here) isn't hessian underwear designed for mortification!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Homosexual Brian Sewell Says Govt is Wrong to Push "Gay Marriage"

The openly homosexual art critic, author and TV presenter Brian Sewell says that David Cameron and his government are wrong to overturn many years of tradition and make a Sacrament based on procreation available to homosexuals, to appease a tiny minority. His piece appeared in last Friday's (London) Evening Standard.

Brian Sewell's Evening Standard article.

Fabrice Muamba: The Atheists Order Us Not To Pray!

Fabrice Muamba: How offensive can prayer be?
Further to my last post an official atheist (on what criteria I know not) was on the Jeremy Vine show today on Radio Two, telling the world and its sister why praying for Fabrice Muamba (the Bolton footballer who collapsed and whose heart stopped working) was a waste of time.

He told us that we shouldn't be "wasting our time" praying. Rather we should all write to our MPs to say how important the NHS is.

The dimwit (excuse my intemperate language, but he was a dimwit) doesn't seem to grasp that we can pray and write letters. Moreover, those who refused to pray for the collapsed footballer -- how many of them actually wrote a letter to their MP, and how would that impact - there and then - on Muamba?

The atheist spokesman came across as very bitter and twisted. Especially when Muamba's relatives have thanked everyone for their prayers. With one of them (his sister or fiancé, I'm not sure) even saying 'keep praying - the prayers are working.' Even his footballing friends (hardly known as a rule for their asceticism or religiosity) asking for the prayers of fans and the public.

No! The atheists would rather we did not pray. It is an affront to their sensibilities, their rationale and heir pride. Never mind what we all want to do, never mind what the family and friends want, never mind what Fabrice Muamba himself might want.

The atheists always seem to know best - and always seem to want to get involved when people offer their prayers, their time, as a gesture of goodwill, or love, of friendship... Here again we see how atheists always want Christians to "shut up" yet when the family of a very sick young man wish for all our prayers, they charge in and slap down the family and everyone who is helping in this way. It's not as if Christians are stopping mid-prayer to assault the doctors and nurses to stop them helping the footballer!

It seems the atheists just find prayer offensive, find God offensive, find Jesus Christ offensive and find the beliefs of all Christians offensive. That is the Truth of the matter. The atheists are free to believe that our prayers have helped Muamba recover, or not. But they are not free to order us to shut up. They might wish they were - that road leads to the gulag.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Call for Atheists et al to Butt Out?

I see there is a debate on the Church of England on the BBC this morning (the "Big Question"). Will atheists, homosexual militants and secularists pack out the debate? Or will they take their own advice and "butt out" of religious debate? If they do not (as they never do!), then they cannot complain when Catholics (who also walk about these streets, work in hospitals and schools, play football and rugby, work in councils and parliament... etc.) talk about social affairs and political policy that effects us too!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

St Patrick and the New Atheist Snakes Besetting Britain

Victim of extreme atheists
A very Happy St Patrick's Day to all men of goodwill. I pray we may one day get a glorious saint like Patrick to evict all the "snakes" out of Wales and Britain...

We all know St Patrick was Welsh. In today's Daily Mail it is shamefully written that he came from England. This is the standard of education and journalism today! When Patrick was alive England hadn't yet been created. In a similar piece earlier this week another Mail writer asked if an Anglo Saxon burial from circa 600AD could be "Britain's first Christian."

I despair! I really do. Just as the whole Medieval glory of Welsh and English Catholicism (from the monastic glories of Strata Florida and Rievaulx to the 'lowliest' parish churches) are airbrushed from a history that focuses on the oath-breaker, regicide and murderess "Good Queen Bess" (sic), so the entire history of Welsh Catholicism and the Age of Saints in these Celtic lands are forgotten by a media that thinks Anglicanism --born in heresy and divorce and "flowering" today in homosexual bishops, untreadable goo and outright apostasy-- is the beginning and end of Christianity in these Isles.

Catholicism in Wales can trace its roots directly back to the time of the Diocletian Persecution and the Roman catacombs, the age of St Philomena, and earlier. Certainly by the 6th century Wales was a Christian land, the Mass and Sacraments received by all, and a hotbed of Monasticism.

If you are a journalist, a teacher, a pupil, a writer or just a bod like me: please remember that our Catholic heritage goes right back in these isles in  an unbreakable line to at least the third century and possibly even right back to Apostolic times.

The airbrushing of history seems to fit in with the Weltanschauung of the modern world in which a government says "we are going to have gay marriage whether you like it or not, but we will have a public consultation on how best to do it!" all lead by PM David Cameron who says he favours gay marriage: "because I am a Conservative." Furthermore the 'Equalities Minister' Lynne Featherstone calls anyone who opposes the oxymoron that is 'gay marriage' "homophobic" and wears a gay pride rainbow lapel badge.

Nice to know that this isn't already decided by Whitehall mandarins and MPs and we're all being steamrollered by a minority of a minority -- the influential "gay lobby."

St Patrick, St David, St George and St Andrew pray for us all! I fear these islands are being dragged downwards into a new dark ages that will make the savagery of the heathen Saxons look mild by comparison, especially as the new atheists have more sophistication, the media to ply their wares and the ability to gain influence in our very families. The very sophistication, eloquence and weasel words of the new atheists (apart from when the mask slips) makes them a worse enemy than the Saxon horde who desecrated Churches and whose misplaced loyalty to false gods was eventually overcome by the Catholic Faith.

If "gay marriage" is enacted (as seems humanly most likely), then it sets the gay lobby and the human rights lobby (backed by the courts especially in Europe) on a collision course with the Catholic Church. An immovable object and an irresistible force... If the court finds against the Church (in human rights lingo this is likely) then the Church, unable to back-down or give in becomes a law-breaker.

Fines, arrests, priests locked up, those who cave-in excommunicated, mobs demonstrating against "hateful" clerics... it all has the smack of the Reformation, or to use a more recent example the (atheistic) Communist repression of the Church. Might the new atheists follow in the footsteps of the old ones? Hardy times call for hardy souls.

But first we need to campaign against the idea of gay marriage (start by spreading the petition against gay marriage) and pray like never before! Might I suggest a special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament? Some time spent in prayer before and after Communion in thanksgiving. Some preparation for Mass? It really is the very least we can do.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Atheists Want Church Out of Society: Yet They Want to Dictate to the Church

Today I watched yesterday's Newsnight special debate on "gay" marriage. Some good points were made on the programme, not least that if this is pushed through (as the government seems intent to do) that it will result in legal 'human rights' cases being brought against the Catholic Church by the homosexual lobby.

One of the most amusing points was when a lesbian writer said that as this was state marriage the Church should basically keep its nose out (being duplicitous that this would not impinge on the Church, or Christians whose families this could well impact on). Another was the spin that homosexuals are already putting out there that "most people" are "in favour of gay marriage" - an outright lie, but one which they believe they can repeat often enough that like the "one in ten are gay" lie (actual surveys have proved it to be far fewer) will eventually be accepted in society and especially in the media.

What made me laugh most of all though was the preposterous idea that the Church should "keep out" of social issues, when this society was built on Christianity; but especially in light of the fact that non-Christians and anti-Christians (especially homosexuals, atheists, the extreme left etc.) are always poking their nose in on Church issues.

  • The Church opposes homosexuality (as it has for millennia). Bam! They're on TV talking about it.
  • The Church believes in God (as it has for millennia).. Bam! They're on TV talking about it.
  • The Church runs schools (as it has for millennia). Bam! They're on TV decrying it.
  • The Church has teaching on contraception, abortion, women priests (all more recent or modern issues) etc. etc. Bam! They're on TV talking about it.

It seems they want to take forever and a day about the Church, the Pope, God, Creation etc. etc. (none of which they claim to believe in and all of which they are against and take no part in) and yet when the Church comments on the society it helped found, the workers who sit in its pews, the sinners who go to its confessionals etc. etc. the militant atheists say that the Church should shut up.

It seems they want to have their cake and eat it.

Monday, 12 March 2012

A Superb Argument Against 'Gay Marriage'

A superb defence of marriage.

We also, of course, have the situation of Abraham himself, whose marriage appeared barren -- but whose descendants would be like the stars in the sky.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Matthew d'Ancona Misuses GKC to Undermine Marriage

Ready for revolutionary liberalism as petty politics?
The 'wild and violent changes' GK Chesterton warned of are those espoused by d'Ancona and the Conservative spin machine.

GK Chesterton told us that in the topsy turvey world, the traditionalist is revolutionary. As usual he was way before his time.

All the main political parties are falling over themselves to legislate for 'gay marriage.' An oxymoron looks like it will become "law." A public consultation has just begun. One thing can be sure about public consultation is that the public will not be consulted. It would make GK Chesterton laugh! What this is all about is which pressure group can shout the loudest, what the media says, and who has the ear of the party leaders, party ideologues (if they still exist) and party spinmeisters (they sure do exist!).

In an hedonistic, ruptured world the politicos think the answer is to deliver up yet more hedonism, more rupture. The chaos, the relativism, the anarchy, the lawlessness will not change, because the politicians are not capable of grasping the nettle and solving the problems, rather it is set to worsen.

I almost choked on my toast (co-op bran - that should win my brownie points with the "right on" crowd) this morning when I read the Sunday Telegraph. The influential media Conservative, Matthew d'Ancona (who has worked for/edited the Spectator, Telegraph and Evening Standard) quotes Chesterton in his op-ed piece calling for gay marriage! He says that GKC says that if a thing is left alone "you are leaving it to wild and violent changes." What d'Ancona spins wildly out of control is that GKC is advocating the constant protection, guard and watchfulness over institutions (like the Church) because if we are blasé then people will gradually attack it, erode it or undermine it. GKC recognised that conservatism was fatally flawed because it assumes that leaving something alone (whether it be the Church, childbirth, marriage, family etc.) will leave it adequately protected against the wild and violent changes of liberalism (lessons we should have learnt since the 60s on all counts).

GKC knew that Pope Pius X did not leave the Church alone, he actively defended it against Modernism via his Syllabus of Errors. Pope Leo XIII did not leave society alone in the face of rampant exploitation and poverty, he actively defended the Common Good via Rerum Novarum. Pope Pius XI did not leave Europe alone in the face of Communism, he actively defended it with Divini Redemptoris.

It is never enough to leave a thing alone. If we love something, we guard it, we defend it, we protect it from error and evil influence.

We would never leave our young child(ren) alone in a busy town centre and hope for the best. We would be defensively pro-active. We would stay with them or leave them in the charge of a trustworthy adult, and even when they are older we would ensure they have a mobile phone, follow certain procedures etc. etc. so as to be assured that their safety is not left to whim or chance.

We Catholics, Christians and all 'men of goodwill' must do the same with marriage. Marriage is a beautiful institution. Our Lord chose a wedding to enact His first public miracle. This was no accident. Our Lord spoke forcefully (he was no liberal!) in defence of marriage. He condemned divorce and remarriage (unless adultery was committed) in absolute terms as breaking the Commandment against adultery.

Of course society can never be perfect, what can be this side of Heaven? Men are flawed. We are concupiscent, we are infected by Original Sin. Yet it should be the duty of public servants to work within the law (and enact good laws), to make society as stable and protected (for the Common Good) as possible. People will always cheat. People will always steal. People will always lie. The job of any government is to create a society where Christian values of duty, Common Good, right v wrong, family, patriotism etc. are instilled so that people feel they 'belong' and have a set of ideals that act as the cement that holds everything together and act as a bulwark against any inclination to do bad.

That is the duty of the government, the political leaders. It is a great burden because one day that will have to answer to God for the decisions they make for society. In the sense that leaders must lead, Matthew d'Ancona is right. Even if 51% of the population were to think that cannabis should be legalised (for example), a true leader has to assemble the facts, understand the Truth, look at everything through the prism of Christianity, the Common Good and common sense; and say no: because cannabis leads to sloth, more drug use, immorality and the break up of families. Legalising cannabis undermines the message that taking harder drugs is wrong, undermines the ethic of work as a duty, as a moral obligation, as an offering to God.

It is incumbent on leaders to point out that 'gay marriage' will also undermine marriage, just as divorce has done. It will lead to even less couples choosing to marry, with all the (well documented!) damage that does to the whole of society.

Matthew d'Ancona thinks the leaders have a duty to push through "gay marriage" despite what the people may say, to choose to lead, rather than follow. He is advocating an extreme liberalism that fits neither his Conservative politics nor his presumed Catholic heritage from his Maltese father. He does not believe in Christianity. He is seen as a "Neo Con" by some and his wife, Sarah Schaefer is (was?) an adviser to David Milliband. His ideals seem to be shared by those who think the Conservatives should be seen publicly to be "gay friendly" when the public see no need for "gay marriage" and certainly no need to push through such a law in these times of austerity.

By using GK Chesterton to justify "gay marriage" - an aberration that will undermine and erode marriage and not reinvigorate or refresh it - d'Ancona can be seen as the twisted spinmeister and liberal-Neo Con ideologue that he is.

Catholics will well remember the heady post-Vatican 2 days when a 'spirit of renewal' was promised, only for them to witness altars and alter rails ripped out, churches empty, and relativism and liberalism seep into the thinking of pew Catholics, resulting in a period of terrible and awful destruction: from the paedophile scandals to the declining number of vocations. By entering into a Faustian Pact with the modern world, the Church was not protected nor renewed, it was decimated. In fact a 1 in 10 loss would have been preferable.

What d'Ancona and the Tory spinmeisters are proposing with "gay marriage" will do exactly the same to the institution of marriage, purely so that can claim the Conservative Party has changed! They are playing politics with an institution that has always been between a man and a woman, and always should be.

In Catholic terms, marriage needs a Council of Trent. A fighting Council that takes on the enemies of marriage, the defends marriage, that codifies marriage as it exists, taking away some errors that have crept in. Marriage needs to be strengthened, just as GKC said the White Horse needs to be updated by being protected, repainted, defended from (political) erosion and the (liberal) winds that would change it.

To state otherwise, to (excuse the pun) paint GK Chesterton as arguing for liberalism rather than in active defence of Tradition and its institutions, shows that Matthew d'Ancona is being as disingenuous as when David Cameron says he backs "gay marriage" because he is a conservative.

As the winds of liberalism and political spin seek to erode the institution of marriage we Catholics (and all men of goodwill) must spring to its defence as surely as the men with the whitewash defend the Uffinton White Horse from the winds that erode it.

In his epic poem, The Ballad of the White Horse, G.K. Chesterton has King Alfred of the Saxons visited by the Virgin Mary before he faces the heathen Danes in battle. The Mother of God reveals to King Alfred of Wessex the essence of Christian life, part of which is the necessity of fighting against tremendous odds.

"Out of the mouth of the Mother of God
a little word come I;
I go gathering Christian men
sunken paving and ford and fen,
die in battle, God knows when,
By God, but I know why."
King Alfred the Great of Wessex,
The Ballad of the White Horse by GK Chesterton 
(II: 74-79)

Let us then "go gathering Christian men" (Saxon, Roman and Celt, as in GKC's epic poem) to fight against the odds of the political parties wanting to overturn marriage. Our Catholic leaders have shown the way. The Pope has spoken out. There can be no reason for Catholics not to spread the word and take up our Rosaries.

For every miracle Our Lord insisted that man should do the donkey work before He worked His miracle. At the wedding feast at Cana He insisted the jars be filled with water. He didn't need to. He could have just created wine in the empty vessels, just as He could have put out and filled the disciples' nets, or could have created and fed the 5000 with food He obtained out of nothing (as when the world was created ex nihilo).

Yet Our Lord insisted that the jars be filled, the nets be cast out, and the fish and loaves be distributed. So it is our duty today to go out amidst the people and positively defend marriage. If we do the hard work, the manual labour, Our Lord can perform His miracle. If the 'men of goodwill' stay at home then nothing will come of nothing, and the battle will be lost.

If King Alfred stayed at home in Winchester the Danes would have overun all of England and the Churches would have been sacked and the altars and tabernacles overturned.

Whether we see ourselves as painting the White Horse or riding out past it like King Alfred to face the heathens, let us pick up the banner of Our Lady and Our Lord. There is much to be done, let us go about it cheerfully!

Liar liar pants on fire - d'Ancona says 'gay marriage' will strengthen social fabric

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Abortion: A Crime Against Humanity

Abortion is never an answer.
"Pro Choice" advocates (who ignore the choice of the baby, sometimes the father and even sometimes the mother) often say that abortion is just another operation.

I always thought if this was so, why don't they show abortions on TV as they do heart by-passes or hip replacements? They treat the murder of a baby as if it were a mole removal. We are told a "group of cells" is removed... Yet even the brain dead surely know that a mole, wart or cyst that's removed does not have a future as a living, walking, smiling, crying, struggling, tax-paying individual (I would say a soul bound for heaven - but we are dealing with non-Christians for the most part so let's stick to their remit).

So let's survey the "ProChoice" (dis-)info so far. It's just another operation, and it's just a group of cells... hmmm.

There are other lines spun when the abortion-defenders spread their lies. One is that this is a serious matter in all cases (they would never have you believe that babies are aborted so couples can buy a new car, or continue with regular holidays, or be seen to be "loyal" to the firm and so progress in their career)..

Another big lie is that groups like BPAS are "not for profit" (profits are made, and people are made rich via abortions); and perhaps the biggest lie of all is that the abortionists provide unbiased advice to pregnant women, when they have a vested interest to get their tills ringing, and a vested ideological interest to make abortion look like a "no victim procedure" - which sadly many women discover is not true, with Post Abortion Syndrome being an established fact.

Abortion is an outrage. Abortion has one and often two victims. Abortion is a crime against the child, motherhood, the family and society.

It really is that simple, and until we as a society stop the slaughter of the innocents we should not be surprised at the maltreatment of the elderly, the bullying of the disabled, and the lack of care, duty and compassion in society.


P.S. Do a Google search on abortion and the adverts at the top are for Marie Stopes, BPAS and Calthorpe. I don't know who the latter are, but the former are pro-abortion advocates and abortion providers.

P.P.S. I always wonder why socialist groups back abortion. Wouldn't improving peoples' lives and the lot of working families be a better option than killing babies in an answer to 'poverty?'

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Catholicism in the Media: Do We Need New Tactics?

With GKC's Fr Brown being on the BBC almost daily, could it get much better?

Well, we have a back-up: the Welsh Benedictine medieval monk detective Brother Cadfael.

I have long believed that outside of the Spiritual, the main battlefield, and the one in which we have surrendered the Catholic World to the modernist world, is the cultural.

When the Latin Mass was done away with, Agatha Christie (the famous detective writer, but not a Catholic) wrote that a jewel of European culture was being killed off. And how right she was, writing as a non-Catholic.

The Church can be many things (made up as it is of sinful men), but it was never foolish. Inspired by the Holy Spirit and refined over the centuries, the Latin Mass was (correct me if I'm wrong) codified during the Council of Trent, during that glorious time known as the Counter Reformation.

The errors and terrors of the Reformation gave rise to the glories and jewels of the Catholic Church during the Counter Reformation. The Catholic Church knew that the Mass was the centre of all, bringing Salvation to the peoples of the world, and it was glorious! Spiritually and culturally - it was magnificent. The humble could have their hearts, minds and souls lifted by the Mass in all its beauty.

But in the modern world... well, as the 60s brought about so many harmful revolutions, so the Mass was changed. So many errors and trends came about. Pews empties. Souls were lost.

Now we have the modern(ist) world, wherein the rabid secularists and atheist zealots seem to hold sway. The people retain what Faith they have had the Grace to have been left with. Yet what assaults us all most of all? The atheist activists have no High Mass to rally their troops around, for they are anti-spiritual. Their battle is won through the goggle-box and the internet.

Oh back in the day the enemies of the Church printed bad books, and they still do. Fox's Martyrs or the cartoons against the Inquisition have given way to Dan Brown and Richard Dawkins' tomes. And they have done damage.

But the real damage is done through other media, and it is in these media that the Catholic Church and we, the Church Militant, should look to fight back, for souls are being lost.

I have long believed that Catholics have given up the "entertainment" to our enemies. So when our sons, daughters, cousins, nephews, grandchildren,mums, dads, neighbours (etc.) watch TV, listen to the radio, go to the cinema... they are more likely to experience something anti-Catholic than pro-Catholic, that harms their soul rather than elevates their soul, that undermines their Faith rather than reinforces their Faith.

We might wish that Catholics didn't interact with these things (and they range from the outright evil to the subtly undermining), but they do. Most of us move about in the world as we work, as we relax, as we socialise etc. And whilst many of may try not to watch crud like Eastenders or read trash like the tabloid media; we are all assaulted - even from advertising hoardings.

So what's my point?

Listening to GKC's Father Brown stories or Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael mysteries, makes me think of what we could have had! A media that gives us enjoyable stories that help us grow in our Faith... The sad thing is that good radio, good TV (such as the Treasures of Heaven programme about saints' relics and the recent BBC4 programme Catholics - which I admit I haven't seen yet) and good films (such as The Rite and The passion of the Christ) are a woefully, pitifully small drop in an ocean of goo, junk and evil.

I suppose the thing is that Catholics need to use whatever means we have at our disposal to produce and promote good works, in print, radio and TV/film. Not just overtly religious (e.g. on EWTN), but crime series, comedy, travel programmes, historic programmes, romcoms, radio shows, music - the whole gamut of entertainment.

The enemies of Catholicism have done so much damage by taking over the entertainment media and using them to promote things that damage Catholicism, society, the Common Good, etc.

I don't have all the answers. I don't have the talent necessary to write a screenplay or produce a film. But there must be Catholics out there that do.

I have a vague recollection of an acquaintance many years ago in London who was a member of a Catholic actors' guild. And a friend once told me that many decades ago the Church (in America I think - but I may be wrong) bankrolled some quite successful films. I also know there is a members' body (guild?) for Catholic solicitors, perhaps they could offer their services for media contracts etc...

I know I'm clutching at straws here in my amateurish and fumbling way (as always!), but I hope I'm making a serious point. If we as Catholics, as the Church Militant, leave the entertainment media to the enemies of the Church then we will lose Catholics to the atheism and relativism of the world every single day.

Our Lord will come to our aid through prayer, the Rosary and the Mass. But just as Our Lord always had everyone do as much as they could before He acted (throwing out the nets, filling the vessels with water etc.) so He requires us Catholics to act in the spheres of the media before He will bless our endeavours and help us not only to save souls, but to convert souls.

In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church won hearts and souls through the beauty of the Mass, but also through agriculture, food production, medicine, healthcare, education and so on. It was never just the Mass. Catholics were never just Chapel Catholics or Sunday Catholics.

Surely if we want to bring Catholic ideals, promotion of the family, the Common Good, against greed, against indifference to the masses, then we have to be working in the media, promoting good works.

Look at the impact the Passion of the Christ had. We, as Catholics, could be doing that and much more. On issues of great importance, or subtly to promote the family... there are 1001 things to do, to promote, to defend and to attack.

Sorry for warbling on. I hope you can pass on the gist of this message to Catholics with the means and the talents to do something. Who knows then what might be achieved. If we as Catholics do not try then we will never know, and with the support of Our Lord, Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, surely all would become achievable.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cardinal O'Brien on "Gay Marriage" - Doing What he Should!

Well done to Cardinal O'Brien, Prince of the Church. By speaking out against the very idea of "gay marriage" so forcefully, in today's Sunday Telegraph, he has raised the standards of Common Sense and the Communion of Saints. He has left no room for error, for "homophiles" to push their insidious agenda.

For so long we have been left as sheep, surrounded by wolves, who often move amidst the flock devouring wandering lambs with great ease.

Cardinal O'Brien: A Good Shepherd Simply Doing His Duty.
Those of us sick of the fudge and liberalism have just wanted the Catholic Church to be... erm... CATHOLIC! It has never seemed to much to ask. Look to Heaven. Fear the Lord. The world will never say thank you to a cowering church keen to give ground to error, it will simply ask for more, unceasingly demand more. That is precisely why we need great Catholic leaders like Cardinal O'Brien to defend us, to espouse Catholic Truth, for the Common Good, for the sake of the souls under his care, to whom he has a duty for which he will one day have to answer.

Bravo to Cardinal O'Brien. Grave times often bring forward great saints. One thinks of St Thomas More and St John Fisher and all the wonderful fighting saints of the European Counter Reformation.

We must all now as Catholics and 'men of goodwill' speak out. To our friends, workmates, neighbours and family members. In a controlled, informed and intelligent way: but there has to be a grass roots movement against uprooting thousands of years of marriage, alongside the voices of those in positions of power (the Anglican Lord Carey has also done well to speak out in a no-nonsense manner).

I hope Catholic bloggers will "do our bit" to spread the word, defend Catholic Truth and 'mobilise the troops' in this battle to stop some very silly politicians overturning in a few months what has stood for thousands of years.

It's a fight we are honour-bound to join, in the footsteps of the good Cardinal.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy St David's Day

A very Happy St David's Day to you on this feast day of our Patron Saint.

March is crammed full of Celtic national saints, with St David starting the ball rolling for Wales today, then we have St Piran on the 5th of March for Cornwall, and St Patrick for Ireland on the 17th of March.

So celebrate the life of a holy monk, who established monasteries, performed miracles, spread the Faith, practised mortification and took the Sacraments to many souls.

In a hedonistic world in which the Sacraments are spurned, the Holy Mother of God is mocked and Our Lord Himself is blasphemed; celebrating our saints reminds us where we have come from and where we hope to end up.

Happy St David's Day

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus