Saturday, 10 March 2012

Abortion: A Crime Against Humanity

Abortion is never an answer.
"Pro Choice" advocates (who ignore the choice of the baby, sometimes the father and even sometimes the mother) often say that abortion is just another operation.

I always thought if this was so, why don't they show abortions on TV as they do heart by-passes or hip replacements? They treat the murder of a baby as if it were a mole removal. We are told a "group of cells" is removed... Yet even the brain dead surely know that a mole, wart or cyst that's removed does not have a future as a living, walking, smiling, crying, struggling, tax-paying individual (I would say a soul bound for heaven - but we are dealing with non-Christians for the most part so let's stick to their remit).

So let's survey the "ProChoice" (dis-)info so far. It's just another operation, and it's just a group of cells... hmmm.

There are other lines spun when the abortion-defenders spread their lies. One is that this is a serious matter in all cases (they would never have you believe that babies are aborted so couples can buy a new car, or continue with regular holidays, or be seen to be "loyal" to the firm and so progress in their career)..

Another big lie is that groups like BPAS are "not for profit" (profits are made, and people are made rich via abortions); and perhaps the biggest lie of all is that the abortionists provide unbiased advice to pregnant women, when they have a vested interest to get their tills ringing, and a vested ideological interest to make abortion look like a "no victim procedure" - which sadly many women discover is not true, with Post Abortion Syndrome being an established fact.

Abortion is an outrage. Abortion has one and often two victims. Abortion is a crime against the child, motherhood, the family and society.

It really is that simple, and until we as a society stop the slaughter of the innocents we should not be surprised at the maltreatment of the elderly, the bullying of the disabled, and the lack of care, duty and compassion in society.


P.S. Do a Google search on abortion and the adverts at the top are for Marie Stopes, BPAS and Calthorpe. I don't know who the latter are, but the former are pro-abortion advocates and abortion providers.

P.P.S. I always wonder why socialist groups back abortion. Wouldn't improving peoples' lives and the lot of working families be a better option than killing babies in an answer to 'poverty?'

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