Friday, 16 March 2012

Atheists Want Church Out of Society: Yet They Want to Dictate to the Church

Today I watched yesterday's Newsnight special debate on "gay" marriage. Some good points were made on the programme, not least that if this is pushed through (as the government seems intent to do) that it will result in legal 'human rights' cases being brought against the Catholic Church by the homosexual lobby.

One of the most amusing points was when a lesbian writer said that as this was state marriage the Church should basically keep its nose out (being duplicitous that this would not impinge on the Church, or Christians whose families this could well impact on). Another was the spin that homosexuals are already putting out there that "most people" are "in favour of gay marriage" - an outright lie, but one which they believe they can repeat often enough that like the "one in ten are gay" lie (actual surveys have proved it to be far fewer) will eventually be accepted in society and especially in the media.

What made me laugh most of all though was the preposterous idea that the Church should "keep out" of social issues, when this society was built on Christianity; but especially in light of the fact that non-Christians and anti-Christians (especially homosexuals, atheists, the extreme left etc.) are always poking their nose in on Church issues.

  • The Church opposes homosexuality (as it has for millennia). Bam! They're on TV talking about it.
  • The Church believes in God (as it has for millennia).. Bam! They're on TV talking about it.
  • The Church runs schools (as it has for millennia). Bam! They're on TV decrying it.
  • The Church has teaching on contraception, abortion, women priests (all more recent or modern issues) etc. etc. Bam! They're on TV talking about it.

It seems they want to take forever and a day about the Church, the Pope, God, Creation etc. etc. (none of which they claim to believe in and all of which they are against and take no part in) and yet when the Church comments on the society it helped found, the workers who sit in its pews, the sinners who go to its confessionals etc. etc. the militant atheists say that the Church should shut up.

It seems they want to have their cake and eat it.

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