Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cardinal O'Brien on "Gay Marriage" - Doing What he Should!

Well done to Cardinal O'Brien, Prince of the Church. By speaking out against the very idea of "gay marriage" so forcefully, in today's Sunday Telegraph, he has raised the standards of Common Sense and the Communion of Saints. He has left no room for error, for "homophiles" to push their insidious agenda.

For so long we have been left as sheep, surrounded by wolves, who often move amidst the flock devouring wandering lambs with great ease.

Cardinal O'Brien: A Good Shepherd Simply Doing His Duty.
Those of us sick of the fudge and liberalism have just wanted the Catholic Church to be... erm... CATHOLIC! It has never seemed to much to ask. Look to Heaven. Fear the Lord. The world will never say thank you to a cowering church keen to give ground to error, it will simply ask for more, unceasingly demand more. That is precisely why we need great Catholic leaders like Cardinal O'Brien to defend us, to espouse Catholic Truth, for the Common Good, for the sake of the souls under his care, to whom he has a duty for which he will one day have to answer.

Bravo to Cardinal O'Brien. Grave times often bring forward great saints. One thinks of St Thomas More and St John Fisher and all the wonderful fighting saints of the European Counter Reformation.

We must all now as Catholics and 'men of goodwill' speak out. To our friends, workmates, neighbours and family members. In a controlled, informed and intelligent way: but there has to be a grass roots movement against uprooting thousands of years of marriage, alongside the voices of those in positions of power (the Anglican Lord Carey has also done well to speak out in a no-nonsense manner).

I hope Catholic bloggers will "do our bit" to spread the word, defend Catholic Truth and 'mobilise the troops' in this battle to stop some very silly politicians overturning in a few months what has stood for thousands of years.

It's a fight we are honour-bound to join, in the footsteps of the good Cardinal.


  1. Agreed Gareth and a good post, I might even forgive you for winning at Twickenham!

  2. The inhumanity, arrogance and lies of the Cardinal are astounding.

  3. Richard - thanks. Oh what a great, great day that was.

    Stu - you need a lesson in Catholicism, not least not to tell untruths about a person for which one day you wll have to answer. The Cardinal is a great Prince of the Church, and speaking out on such matters is BOUND to infuriate certain people, who may hold jobs in the media. His first duty is to God and then to his flock - not to a vocal minority who insist on derailing marriage. But thanks for looking in.

  4. P.S. Stu I'm glad the site you mention recommends Peter Tatchel's opinions. He also recommends that adults should be able to have intercourse with 9 year olds. So we can see where you're coming from! I hardly think Catholics will be taken in by this pink mafia flim flam. We have Catholic Truth to espouse and defend, based on the Traditions and Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, compared to which the opinions you cite are akin to annoying gnats buzzing around. Though perhaps that is unfair to gnats who are at least doing what is natural to them and a part of God's ordained plan for His creation. Toodle pip (which is posh for: jog on).

  5. @Webmaster Gareth
    You should perhaps pass on your advice about telling untruths to the Cardinal, as that is exactly what he is doing lying in his article. As are you (or rather believing the duplicitous information that certain segments of the media wish to say about Tatchell).

  6. Our boy doesn't mince his words, does he?! We're fortunate to have a Cardinal who like his predecessor Cardinal Winning doesn't hold back in exercising his prophetic office. But now he's grabbed the headlines, it's up to us lay Catholics to make the arguments and keep the pressure up.

  7. Lazarus: I couldn't agree with you more. We have been crying out for leadership - and now we have it.

    Stu: You are being duplicitous, as I find is the case for those who try and defend sodomy, especially to Catholics. It was Mr Tatchell himself who made excuses for sexual acts with CHILDREN as young as 9 years of age. These are not words "put in his mouth" by his "enemies" but rather what he CHOSE to write in a public letter to The Guardian, hardly a den of anti-homosexual activists!

    If you must write half-truths and outright lies you should choose to do so to people who are more gullible and/or ignorant of the facts.

    Homosexualitry is a grave sin. It has been condemned by the Church, in a no-nonsense way. This is not open for debate or discussion, and we are not moral relativists. Your lies and smears are just that, and (thank God!) will have no impact on the Magisterium of the Church.

    I would sincerely ask you to stop your campaign because one day you will stand before your maker and an eternity in Hell with other unapologetic sodomites and those who propound such a grave error is no laughing matter.

    You should contemplate a daily Rosary and weekly Benediction.

  8. Spot on Gareth, as is Cardinal O'Brien.