Saturday, 24 March 2012

Joanna Bogle Tackles the Foul Internet Haters

And She Rides a Bike Too!
Why do those who say they are against "hate" practice the most hateful of lifestyles (sic) often embroiled in drugs, multiple 'partners' and violence?

Why do those who say they are against "hate" spread the most vile hateful language and twisted rage against God and His Church on the internet?

Joanna Bogle (pictured right), an intrepid and insightful journalist, is exposing the messages of hate posted by homosexual militants on the internet.

Visit her blog to find out more, leave feedback, offer info, help etc.

It is vitally important that the public understands that it is not Catholics posting vile abuse, foul language and outright hatred on the internet.

One wonders why the police don't take action against the blogs, sites, fora etc. that allow abuse of Catholics, clerics etc. who dare to defend the Church, the Magisterium, Catholic tradition and the Gospel Truth, all to let those who would otherwise engage in them realise that homosexual sexual activity is a mortal sin which kills the presence of God in one's soul and leads to eternal damnation.

Certain pressure groups (minorities within a minority) may not like that, but the Truth will set you free.

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