Tuesday, 12 June 2012

On Twitter: How Equalitarians Pour Forth Bile and Hatred

See how idiots spout forth (edited some nasty words out)
I was on Twitter in work today -- panic ye not, 'twas work-related -- and was amused to see the musings and rantings of the Twitterati on the Church of England's statement on "gay marriage" (an oxymoron surely?).

Why so?

Well, most seemed to take umbrage with the fact that the CofE was in fact established to undermine marriage, in allowing Henry VIII to get a divorce from his legal wife Catherine of Aragon. Quite so.

But I wondered if the number of liberals making this point (even some who said "I would take the CofE seriously if it wasn't for the fact...") really did feel that way, for if true they would surely support the position of the Catholic Church, which has always defended marriage (just as its founder did at Cana).

There was also a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of foul language. of every shade and variety. It would have made a navvy blush! The CofE was even invited to commit sexual acts by some very angry homosexuals. It struck me how deeply illiberal 'liberals' can be when people challenge their own worldview! Indeed, one might almost suggest the Tweets were brimming with hatred - were it not for the fact the foul abuse, threats and filth weren't intermixed with words like "tolerance," "inclusivity" and "equality."

Shades of Orwell's Animal Farm perhaps. I wonder if they had "Equality and Inclusivity" over the gulag gates back in the day? Certainly sounds similar to the slogan of the French Revolution which ushered in the Terror which saw faithful Catholics murdered en masse. 

Before I bore you too much concerning the meanderings and splutterings of the semi-literate, one last thing. A number of the Tweets mentioned how the CofE was "medieval" or still in the "Dark Ages" not to mention that they should get to realise this was the "21st century." never amiss for a cliché, the fact that the Dark Ages were when Roman Catholicism was lost to many, and certainly when England fell to pagan invaders, hardly seemed to matter in this world of empty sloganeering amidst the swear words.

Today the good lady wife and I watched a programme we had taped about the history of Deptford High Street in London. It dealt with the criminal acts of town planners in the 60s. The pulled down lovely homes, scattered families, destroyed communities - all in the name of progress of course. Those re-housed spoke of the depression they faced: often turning to prescription drugs to help them cope.

Why is this relevant? because when stacking the facts, misreporting the state of homes, and prejudicially deciding to pull down perfectly good homes in traditional English communities, was accompanied by the mantra of moving with the times and of being in "the 20th Century."

You see - cultural barbarians, architectural iconoclasts and "progressive" vandals always use the terminology of 'Progression' - exactly what so many brain dead and numbskulls on Twitter are repeating even today.

But then, what would I know. In defending marriage I am merely siding with the majority, defending what was the norm up until now, yet am painted as being a "Medievalist!"

C'est la guerre.

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