Thursday, 5 July 2012

Prayer Card: Holy Family (with toddler Jesus)

I love this prayer card (printed in Switzerland) as it shows a toddler Jesus, the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph.

It reminds us of the daily life of the Holy Family.

Yet it also shows us an angel - perhaps Our Lord's Guardian Angel? or an Archangel? - watching over the Child Jesus, reminding us of His Salvific, Redemptive being, thus bringing to mind not only the joy of the Nativity but also the sadness of The Passion, and also the joy of the Resurrection.

All this in a prayer card that could just as easily be adored and appreciated by a small child for its simplicity.

I find the pose of St Joseph particularly endearing. As well as being responsible for Our Lord, he is clearly also reverential. What a role for mortal man!

Our Lady, of course, takes Our Lord by the hand and is His protection and - in a word! - mother; as doting and loving as any mother could be.

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