Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Prayer Card: Little Nellie of Holy God

I came across the charming little card by chance.

I believe it dates from the 1950s - or earlier.

When I saw it my heart leaped as Eleanor (a derivation of Ellen) is a traditional name in our family (through the in-laws) and some years back at a family wedding I met a very old lady that everyone referred to as "Nellie" from my wife's maternal family (who I know have their roots in Redcar and are Catholic).

With a quote from St Pius X on the back promoting 'Little Nellie' as a means to advocate frequent Communion, what could be a better commendation? St Pius X was the greatest Pope of the 20th century and through his Syllabus confronted the kind of burrowing, secretive and insidious errors that would later flourish especially in the 1970s.

And with her connections to Cork, the homeland of my own grandfather, there seems to be so many reasons for me to start a devotion to this bravest and most devout of souls in preparation and thanksgiving for Mass.

When the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist is under attack from so many quarters, it would do us all well to recall the simple devotion of the suffering child Little Nellie of Holy God.

Little Nellie of Holy God


  1. My paternal grandmothers name was Nellie.

  2. My name is Nellie Ann, when I was born in Dec. of 1950, my mother was given a bootie that belonged to "Little Nell" as my mother always called her. I remember seeing the bootie but it has probably been thrown away after my mother's death. There was only one given to her. My mother kept it in her dresser drawer. Perhaps it is through Little Nell's intercession that I have loved the Blessed Sacrament since I was a very young child. When I was three years old, I insisted on going to Benediction on Sunday evenings with my Dad. I have been told that once he did not take me but I followed him to church, about a half mile away.

  3. I had been praying for a saint to take into my heart - One who would share my enthusiasm for and help me to fall completely in love with the Holy Eucharist. After many rosaries I stumbled across this beautiful child and found myself drawn to her. Then to my surprise I discovered our birthdays are almost exactly the same - hers 8-24-03 and mine 8-24-63. Her mother's name was Mary. Mine is Mary. Her father's name William. Mine William. My daughter happens to currently be 4 1/2 ys old.
    Thank you Holy Mother for leading me to this child.

  4. I can't find any prayer cards for sale like the one you have pictured on this site. Would it be possible to purchase one from you?

  5. Please make copies of this card professionally. I'm sure many souls would like to have them. I would love to have one. Ebay would be a good place to make them available. Blessings to you.

  6. I am a devotee of Little Nellie. Is there somewhere to buy these cards in the U. S.?

  7. I am a devotee of Little Nellie. Is there somewhere to buy these cards in the U. S.? Please have it copied professionally. Ebay would be a good way to distribute it.Blessings to you.

  8. Mona Lisa, you can click on the image of Little Nellie and both sides show...then copy.