Friday, 12 October 2012

Abortion Debate: Women's Bodies and Who Should Comment

No womb - no view. Sorry bucko!
Recently I saw a debate on the internet between Martin "Money Saving Expert" Lewis and an extreme feminist.

Lewis wondered why people were going for the throat of the health secretary when this was a matter of law, and so it should be debated in parliament by MPs like him.

The feminist said that no man should speak on these issues, let alone formulate public policy, because it did not concern men, it was about women's bodies, she foamed.

Of course she is right and wrong.

  • It is about women's bodies and the damage done to them. And their psychological health. Their ability to have further children. Their ability to fight various cancers. And their immortal soul.
  • It is also about bullying. Many women are bullied into abortions (not least by overpowering "fathers") so it is strange that wymmins-rights folk don't find this offensive.
  • It is also about women dying. Female babies constitute at least 50% of those murdered. Some suggest more, as some communities seek to murder unborn girls. Who speaks for the "wymmins-rights" of those girls?
  • It is also about a public debate. men take a role in procreation, so they should also be able to defend the rights of the unborn.
  • To limit the debate to women is akin to saying that only MPs aged 16 and 17 can discuss lowering the voting age. It is a nonsense.

But then, when defending the mass murder of innocents - including those murdered for the crime of being female, poor or disabled - when have the abortionists ever made sense?

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