Friday, 20 December 2013

Duck Dynasty, Sin & Medialand

A working man speaks his mind on the reality of the Bible and opposing sin in its many firms and he gets kicked off a TV show. 

Meanwhile druggies, roidsters, degenerates and the foul-mouthed are lauded on our tv screens. 


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Human Rights in Arabia?

[Western] countries... consider "human rights" as a marketing slogan and not a true principle according to which it behaves."

Michel Aoun, Lebanese Christian former C-in-C. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Catholic Cat Story

I have long heard how Catholic bloggers are a bit Cataholic. That is to say certain blogs are quite sure to contain references to eucharistic monsters, Latin, Vatican 2, cats and what an error women's suffrage was. 

OK I made that last one up. Please don't tell the Missus. 

To ensure then I get a wider readership & enjoy the boon companionship of my blogging confreres (and er con-soeurs...) I am happy to include this picture.

It shows a medieval manuscript with the unmistakable addition of paw prints from an errant feline. The more times change eh?

And if you enjoyed this post tell your Cataholic friends about my humble blog. I can't promise a sense of fulfilment or regular cat posts, but I will purr contentedly when I see the visitor numbers increase. I would say I'd be like "the cat that got the cream" but I think we can all agree that would be a step too far and bordering on nauseating. I'll leave that to bishop conferences' statements on ecumenical dialogue.

Lol (that's there to secure the youth audience too, innit). 

Orwell on Christianity

"One cannot have any worthwhile picture of the future unless one realises how much we have lost by the decay of Christianity."- George Orwell

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Who decides church teaching?

This pic is from last week's copy of The Universe. 

First we had collegiality & with it liberalness crept in, especially in "the West" where some Bishops were closet, ahem, pro-homosexuals. 

Now we have some form of questionnaire. No doubt ignored by most, but taken up with gusto by pressure groups & vested interests. 

Is our Faith up for debate? If so why isn't the Latin Mass mentioned? And why do I get the feeling this is all part of their Lordships slide into media-friendly heresy-embracing PR?

Do Catholics need to vote on "gay marriage" and what if 99% said they approve of sodomy and evil? Would that make it ok? Would that negate the Bible? The Magisterium? The Popes? The Saints?

I suppose I'm asking the question - is the Church a democracy? If it is do the Church suffering and triumphant have their say?

When we need clear leadership, clear dogma, clear teaching and clear morals, I'm sad to say this LOOKS like more 70s-style fudge and error. 

I really hope I'm wrong and that their Lordships will defend our Faith and fight to save souls. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Will the Church Canonise Marcel Lefebvre?

Years from now I think Mother Church will make Lefebvre a saint. Without him I think we would probably have lost the Latin Mass back in the 70s/80s, when in many dioceses the only choice one had was New Mass or SSPX. 

Not all saints live peaceful, untroubled & uneventful lives. In fact few do. Many go against the perceived wisdom of the age. Some face approbation from the Bishops. Many suffer huge calumnies in His name. 

There. I said it. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Homosexual Deathstyle Celebrates Porn & Whores

I just got this on my Facebook timeline.

Why Facebook would choose to put this on the timeline of a Catholic is anyone's idea!

We get the mass media upset over Halloween costumes to do with lunatics and suchlike.

But not a peep over a homosexual club called Heaven. After all, who could that offend?

And what about a Catholic occasions like Halloween and All Saints' Day being the time for parties with themes such as Porn Idol or Blood & Whore? Who could get offended at that?

Oh. Catholics could.

Still causing offence to Catholics isn't a hate-crime. Is it, Mr Cameron? Hmmmm?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

BPAS' Fave Inspiration Addresses KKK Rally

Yes. The darling of the "pro-choice" movement, the advocate of abortion and sterilisation, Margaret Sanger, was an out and out racist who not only wanted non-Whites curtailed, but the poor too.  

Strange character for the advocates of mass murder to get into bed with. 

Or maybe not. Ann Furedi, boss of abortion provider BPAS used to co-publish Living Marxism (her hubby was publisher/editor), a mag shut down for denying concentration camps and mass murder by Marxists in the Balkans. 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dreaming of Balmy Summer Evenings

With the awful weather this last weekend and there being a slight nip in the air today, I couldn't help looking back wistfully at our trip to York in the Summer, during which I took this pic of a beautiful Summer sky as evening set over the chimneys (and spires) of the beautiful city.

If you haven't been - go. It is a place steeped in Catholic history.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Choice Lobby Publicly Back Infanticide

Anyone with half an ounce of dignity should listen to last week's Moral Maze programme which went out on BBC radio 4. 

You can still get it on the BBC iplayer & you can download the podcast. 

The programme dealt with abortion, with two speakers in favour of mass murder and two against. All are professionals and experts. 

What will poleaxe anyone with a grain of humanity is that one of the pro-"choice" lobby not only supported death up until birth in all cases (as did her compadre) but she openly supported infanticide. 

Yep. You read that right. 

This callous, uncaring, pro mass murder lowlife supported the killing of babies AFTER they are born, if that's what the "mother" wants (or no doubt if she's coerced to do so as with so many abortions, by a bullying control freak "father" of the child).

Listen to it. Tell your pro-life friends. 

This exposes the "choice" lobby for the murderous cowards that they are. They would rather see a baby die than support, care & help (& even adoption) be offered to mums in distress. 

That's the simple truth. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Homosexual Militants Target Christian Businesses

The latest "Culture War" is homosexual militants against Christian businesses. 

It will happen here thanks to the numpty David Cameron.

Sorry for the long link - posting this from my phone. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Mystical Bidy of Christ?

In my last post I originally mistyped "Mystical Bidy". It's one of the joys of using a new-fangled smart phone thingy. 

Anyway, Not sure who the Mystical Bidy is, but I dare say we all have our own contenders from the old ladies who attend Mass. 

Personally I've known some really lovely, charming and holy old ladies over the years. Family members (of course) then various matriarchs, old spinsters and even one who helped run a church bookstall who went off to become a nun. 

Then of course there's been the daughters of the 60s in various parishes who demand communion in both kinds and try to put various priests under so much pressure as to take over parish life.

So here's my opinion, for what it's worth. To be a true Mystical Bidy of Christ you have to love Our Lord in the Sacred Species and abide by Church teaching and traditions down the ages. 

That goes for Old Geezers too... Which I am rapidly becoming. 

Praise The Lord! (But not with a tambourine).

St John Fisher's Stamp of Authority!

Very excited yesterday when I found this old stamp of our own Cardinal Saint John Fisher. 

What a man amongst men. What a leader of the faithful. What a clear voice in an age of fudge and betrayal. What a Catholic Priest! Loyal to Christ the King and His Mystical Body. 

St John Fisher - Ora Pro Nobis. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

"Monday" Morning Blues

Tuesday morning after a bank holiday. Huge queue of traffic into town as we all get stuck behind a tractor & trailer. Pop into bank & a huge queue of bods doing two days worth of banking. 

Just as the steam starts coming out of my ears I put my hand in my pocket and feel my rosary. 

A few prayers later & thinking of the tribulations of Our Lady and the suffering of Our Lord... And I am perfectly content and happy with my "first world problems."

Deo Gratias. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bradley Manning - is Hero "Sexist?"

I kid you not. 

On twitter today the forces of liberal progression were scratching each others eyes out as to whether Bradley "Chelsea" Manning us a hero or heroine. One of them is sexist says loony A. No, the other one is sexist says loony B. And so on...

Oh to be a Guardian reader!

Still, small mercies. I don't think I'd cope if Bradders stuck on a frock and said "I wanna be called Cardiff City!"

Mental Illness & Antisocial Personalities in the Homosexual Population

This is an interesting study which looks at the level of mental illness & antisocial personalities in the actively homosexual population.

We should keep these people in our prayers.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Germany Offers "Third Gender" As World Goes Mad

Because we all have someone in our family that was born neither male nor female.

The emperor is stark bloody naked!

Huffpost Gay Voices

Saturday, 17 August 2013

St Paul's Cathedral & Anglican Heresy

Had a wee sojourn to London this week & whilst there popped into St Paul's to see what the prods are up to. Never been there before so thought it would be interesting. 

It wasn't. 

Lots of statues of soldiers, General this & that. Very few stained glass windows and very few images of Christ. 

My children complained. One said it felt like a courtroom. It certainly helped confirm that Anglicanism has officially moved further away from Christendom. 

It was not centred on the worship of Christ and the Church He founded, but on British military exploits and worship of the British State. 

Seperated from the nourishing Truth of Holy Mother Church, like the errors of Americanism (& to a lesser extent Eastern Orthodoxy), the Anglicans are set in a narrow plastic patriotism rather than wider Christian civilisation. 

We didn't stay for very long, and I left feeling reassured in my Catholicism but feeling very sad for England, Mary's Dowry. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

For All the Left Footers

Today is supposed to be "Left Handers Day" but we all know that EVERY day is "Left Footers Day". 

One for the ex-army crowd there! 😆

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gays to Sue CofE Over "Gay Marriage"

It won't happen the MPs assured us. 

"Gay marriage" (think of apostolic Satanism or darkness visible), isn't even finished going through parliament and two homosexuals are seeking to sue the CofE. 

Can anyone get "we told you so" t-shirts, badges etc run off for the long litany of car crashes that will happen?...

From today's Daily Telegraph:

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Twitter, Trolls, Feminism, Lads Mags & the BBC

Sure is...
The link below is not to a Catholic site. Nor do I agree with all its contents (e.g. I think "lads mags" should be curtailed).

However, it points to a clever campaign by feminists. As usual they take the most extreme examples to push their agenda re the 'Twitter trolls'

I am not suggesting rape and death threats are trivial, but that trolls are. They have been around as long as the internet, and as the author here states they have made threats against others (including one unsavoury "right wing" character who has been assaulted).

I am reminded of newspaper articles and columnists who published features against "gay marriage" online. If you scanned down to the comments sections you would find the most obscene language and more by the forces of "tolerance."

That, of course, would not get airtime on Newsnight because they supported "gay marriage."

Anyone political will tell you that if you tweet you'll get trolls. if you respond to these sad individuals' bait, they will come back with more - and tell their 'friends' on various forums. Of course if you wanted this -- to highlight your radical feminist beliefs/campaign -- then it is easily done. If you didn't want it you'd be a fool, highly arrogant or both.

Internet trolling is wrong, especially when targeted against children (usually by their peers). But the immediate answer is easy. Make it simple for users (on whatever service) to report and block offenders.

I don't think we need an OTT response highlighted by the BBC to advance what is essentially a radical feminist agenda.

Perhaps if society taught respect for women at an early age, and dare I mention reverence and due honour to the Mother of God, we might not have these kinds of mindless trolls in the first place. Where has the idea that we are all made in the image of God, that we all have an immortal soul or that all women are someone's mother, daughter, sister etc.

And I think that goes as much for 'lads mags' as it does for twitter abuse.

(I won't mention opening a door for a lady as that seems to infuriate feminists; yet they don't get cross at all-women shortlists etc. - as Americans might say: go figure).

Interestingly (and as a bit of a post script) I saw a feminist activist tweeting about the campaign against 'lads mags' and I dropped her a line stating that I supported action against mags who make a commodity of young women, but that the campaign should be widened to include girls mags for teen and pre-teen girls because they seek to 'sexualise' young children and attack their innocence.

She flew into a rage and used words such at "patriarchy" to the effect I was some kind of fifth columnist. And that's the nub of it. They aren't interested in protecting children or stopping the sexualisation of children - they just want it on their 'equality' terms. And anyone who disagrees with them is a "class traitor" (whoops sorry, that's another bunch).

And that's why we should take their sloganising and crocodile tears with a large pinch of salt.

But then I'm a bloke, so my views may not count...

Thatcher on Thursday

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hi, I'm a Eucharist Minister, Please Don't Punch Me in the Car Park.

These badges are everything that is wrong for the modern Catholic Church.

I mean really??? Do Altar Servers need to wear a badge? We can see them. And a Chorister? We can hear them.

But there's one that might be handy. Yes, the Eucharistic Minister badge. Just so we know who to punch in the car park! And no that's not a euphemism.

Still, small mercies. At least there's not a Priest badge. I think we can still recognise one of those on our own.

Mind you, the way some Jesuits dress... (and no-one mention the nuns OK?).

Now I want to see someone stood in Mass holding a large lollipop saying with the words "how may I help you?" emboldened on it (in liturgical colours of the season, natch!). The way some modern churches are built to resemble small branches of Tescos surely this is only a matter of time?

While we're at it, if there are a few queues for the Eucharistic Monsters, perhaps we should employ a Post Office style p.a. system: "position number three please" in numerous languages (inc Tagalog). But no Latin. No sirree.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Liberals: Jesus Didn't Condemn Homosexuality

Just read a liberal flow chart which tried to justify "same sex marriage" and homosexuality per se because Jesus never condemned it. 

Quite literally: OMG. 

So here's a meme just for them. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Tobacco & Marriage: Conservative Fudge

Modern Conservatives:

Don't rush new law on cigarette packaging to see how changes work elsewhere. 

Rush law on marriage despite evidence from other countries and public feedback. 

Modern Conservatives care more about tobacco big business than marriage and its age old rights. 

Shame on David Cameron!

Catholic Stamps from Monaco

I came across these stamps from Monaco. i do love it when I stumble upon stamps or coins from other countries (primarily European or Hispanic) with Catholic themes. I used to have a Gibraltar 20p piece with Our lady on!

On the left we can clearly see Our Lord sleeping during the storm. Not sure of the other stamp... Perhaps after the waters have calmed? Or maybe a saint.

They're dated November 1991. They seem to be a Red Cross themed issue.

Anyway, no harm in sharing.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

British & Irish Lions & the Psalms

Apologies to all Australian Catholics, but it looks like a Welsh - sorry, British & Irish Lions - victory has been foretold:

"The young lions suffer want and hunger, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." -- Psalm 34:10

And you can't argue with that. So lets have a cheer every time Halfpenny slots one over. 'Tis for the greater glory of God...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Of God or the World

I have to wonder when the world is sycophantic over a Pope. I would rather a Pope who puts the Mystical Body of Christ first and worldly adulation last. 

Be interested in the thoughts of others...

Friday, 21 June 2013

People Rise Up... Against Marxist

I thought Kirsty Wark gave a Brazilian govt spokesman an easy rude tonight on Newsnight as a million rioters took to the streets over corruption. 

Then it all made sense as Kirsty admitted the Brazilian PM is a Marxist and ex-guerrilla. 

Never mind. If the Brazilian PM is ousted there's always a job waiting... At Newsnight. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Homophobe Detectors!!

This is the funniest thing I've read in ages:

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Will Saxe-Coburg Queen Break Coronation Oath?

If Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg breaks her coronation oath (as some may suggest she did when abortion and homosexuality were legalised) is she still queen?

Furthermore, how can she, as head of the CofE, pass a law that her own Church opposes? 

Apart from the law meaning centuries of law re the consummation of marriage being torn-up, it raises many constitutional problems for the CofE and the Protestant queen. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Gay Marriage in France

The French "gay marriage" was nothing more than a political stunt.

We should pray for the souls involved, because they are on a road that leads to Hell.

God help France!

No Islamic Prayers in Catholic Schools

Please go here to add your name to a letter to the Archbishop of Westminster to stop Catholic Schools providing "prayer rooms" for Muslims:

Linen on the Hedgerow

The Day of the Gay Pagan

Had to deal with someone in work today called "Gay Pagan". OK, so she's American... But really?!

I had to resist asking her if she was an Episcopalian "Bishop". 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Croatia and "Gay Marriage"

An interesting article.

In this case the people are able to jettison the ridiculous attempts by yet another government to undermine or destroy marriage.


Croatians Fight Back

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Really BBC? Is Northern Ireland so Liberal?

Only the BBC could go to Belfast and find the most liberal audience on matters of faith & morals. 

A paedophile apologist sat on the top table (Tatchell wrote a letter to The Guardian in 1997 excusing sex with 9 year olds) and was clapped, whilst a pro-marriage MP (Ian Paisley Jr no less!) was supported by a handful. 

Lets not even mention the "right on" non-Catholic claptrap espoused by Sinn Fein's spokesman. 

Chatting about this to one of my children we couldn't figure out how, given even the most slanted polling puts those in favour of "gay marriage" (sic) at 70%, the BBC manages to put up an audience in one of most Catholic and Protestant places in the UK, and gets it split 95 to 5. 

That's not mention the fact that virtually every single presenter and guest (bar a handful of Tory MPs) on the BBC is in favour of the extreme homosexual agenda. 

If you believed the spin, UKIP wouldn't be surging in the poles, the population wouldn't be broadly split (in fact most want no change when told homosexuals get no extra rights). 

This is a culture war. The enemies of marriage are trying to bulldoze all opposition. The mad extremists are trying to paint defenders of marriages as "bigots" akin to KKK lynch mobs. In reality once this law is passed, it will be Christian teachers, registrars, council workers etc who face the sack for not believing in their laughable oxymoron. 

Marriage has always been and will always be, between a man and a woman. Anything else is an abomination. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Tablet Promotes Old Heresy Alongside the New

The offending issue
I don't follow all the ins and outs - I know I should - but many sincere Catholics have been up in arms about The Tablet because it promotes what to my uncultured ears sounds like heresy.

I have a book somewhere in my scattered library by a (Spanish?) priest entitled Liberalism is a Sin. When it was written some cleric complained and it was given to some bigwig in the hierarchy. That bigwig not only gave it the all-clear but ordered its widespread dissemination.

This was all well before V2 and the "spirit of renewal" which many now see as the 'smoke of Satan' which has (as the Latin Mass Society reported this week) emptied the pews and the seminaries.

As in the modern world when the rise in abortion, abuse, divorce and single parents is met with "we need more of the same liberalness which caused this." The poison becomes the cure. That seems to be the mentality of some at The Tablet.

"Quick nurse the patient is dying of morphine poisoning! Bring more morphine!"

"The church is empty. We need a renewal of the renewal. Making the church worldly has wrecked it, we need to become more like the world."

If Catholics want a disco, there are plenty of very professional discos about. Same for pubs. Same for nightclubs. Same for creches and nurseries. Same for drop-in centres. Same for advice centres.

What Catholics want is a Catholic Church. If the Church wishes to open roller discos, or drum n bass youth clubs - then it should do so down the road. We want Churches. We want Catholic Churches. They have stood for 2000 years whilst fads and fashions (hat-tip to GKC) have come and gone.

I'm sure in Roman times there were voices saying "let's turn a blind eye to infanticide" or "let's invite the pagans in to hold ecumenical services" and suchlike. I wonder what the early Church fathers would have said to such nonsense. Actually I don't. I know what they'd say! They'd probably fall short of swearing, but only via the Grace of God!

It's like GK Chesterton wrote, we want a Church that is right when we are wrong. It is our pillar, our rock, our refuge, our sanctuary. When the world is mad, bad or sad - the Church should be there as an antidote, not a mirror image or a watered down version of the world.

And so we come back to The Tablet. The other day I came across an old copy (30/10/1999 to be precise) and flicking through it I found an article by Alain Woodrow entitled "a Monk for the End Times" about Joachim of Fiore. 'Sounds interesting' thinks I, so a scan the piece.

I quickly find that he was condemned as a heretic by two Church councils, was treated with suspicion by Aquinas (the big daddy of all Church thinkers) and "had a big influence on revolutionary groups... [such as] Marx" (sic)

The article celebrated a coming together of a few dozen of his acolytes in Italy. The meeting was even opened by Cardinal Vik and closed by Archbishop Agostino.

Perhaps the most damning sentence comes near the start of the article when we are told "Joachim (c. 1135-1202) is beginning to be recognised at last as a genuine mystic and true precursor of church reform."

I think the old monk (and let's not forget that old liar and and heresiarch Luther was a monk too), whatever the gravity of his faults would baulk at one thing: being held responsible by the Tabletistas for the emptying of our pews! Surely no-one in their right mind would want to boast of that crime?

As for The Tablet itself, it seems no heresy is beyond rapprochement, just as no ethical evil is beyond celebration. Hilaire Belloc wrote 'Survivals and New Arrivals' to warn us about the enemies of the Church and how the assault the Mystical Body of Christ in waves, old and new. It seems only in the world after Vatican 2 the official Catholic press is a vehicle for these heresies to eat away at our beloved Church.

And they wonder why the pews are emptying?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Friday, 17 May 2013

It's a Catholic Conspiracy! Jesuits Own Most Boats

A Protestant friend of mine some 25 years ago would regularly regale me with his pet conspiracy theories about Catholicism. And this was before the Internet!

One of them was that the "fish on Fridays" rule was thought up by the church to help fishmongers clear their stock for the weekend. 

At the time I laughed it off. But as the years have passed me by I found myself hoping that it's true. 

You see the Church is Truth. It's also (bar some hideous post-V2 aberrations) rooted in common sense. 

So if it can promote something a little self-sacrificing, which also helps a vital industry based firmly on the individual worker and family firms, then so much the better. 

Paul McCartney even told us that giving up meat one day a week would 'help the planet' - and we all know that fish is brain food and highly nutritious. 

So there we go. Four great reasons to be Catholic. 

And here for all Catholic blog fans is a picture of a cat:

Life is found on Mars! Scientists rejoice!

Got your attention? Good. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kelvin Gosnell: Murder Inc

Americans died at the Boston Marathon. Terror attacks in America are rare. This was headlines news all over the world. 

Americans died in an abortion clinic. Babies and at least one mum were murdered. Abortion is very common and very profitable big business. 

We have to ask why the mass murderer Kelvin Gosnell was not headline news for weeks across the media. 

Who are protecting the murderer? Why?

Monday, 13 May 2013

BBC's Jeremy Vine is Pro-Life

"The baby is a different person" - Jeremy Vine on his show, BBC2 13th May 2013.

Well done Jeremy. Your argument against smoking in pregnancy is THE argument against abortion.

It is a developing human being, NOT a "cluster of cells."

Let us hope this common sense will now diffuse among his mostly liberal BBC colleagues.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Rosary!

Isn't this just fantastic?

They should do this at more Catholic events. Wonderful!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ite Missa Est...

"The Mass is over..." Doesn't mean get your daps* on and run for the door.

*This is a Welsh colloquial term for training shoes.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nick Clegg: No Time for EU Referendum - but time for "Gay Marriage"

Nick Clegg on radio this morning: no time for EU referendum... Busy Govt must concentrate on fixing economy.

Yet his govt finds the time to attack and change marriage.

Con man.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The BBC, Football, Ageism & Equality

I thought various BBC hirelings would be like the 80's Ska impresario today and, ahem, Buster Bloodvessel (sorry) over the lack of "out" gay footballers.

The BBC makes no attempt to hide its role as promoting homosexuality these days, despite that "lifestyle choice" shortening lives by circa 20 years.

Yes the journos and presenters who always accuse churches of being "fixated" with homosexuality, were very firmly fixed on homosexuality - again.

I cannot take these people seriously. Why so? Well we have the extreme political correctness of Richard Bacon on Radio 5 who told off a Daily Telegraph critic for not finding a new comedy all about a 'gay couple' (called Vicious) remotely funny. Bacon complained that the critic had a Telegraph anti-gay agenda. To which he replied that a. he was homosexual. And b. it simply wasn't funny.

How ridiculous for hard drug user Bacon to have his own agenda so that he could tell off a homosexual for not 'backing' a queer comedy - not to mention bemoaning that a Telegraph critic had a Telegraph outlook! Would he dare moan at a Guardian writer for promoting a homosexual programme? No. This is the BBC after all!

But it's not this ultra-PC nonsense I find most offensive: it's the two-faced nature of the BBC.

They bang on and on about "equality" so that schoolchildren should be "informed" about homosexuality (NB not its health risks etc), yet they regularly sack or replace women presenters because they're no longer dolly birds (as in the CountryFile case) and public school boys and girls are still woefully over represented at the "equality" conscious Beeb.

Never mind the fact that the balanced Beeb has tons of Guardian reading presenters (officially the most read paper at the Beeb and the least read in the country!), yet I have never heard a single Beeb presenter seriously question abortion, homosexuality etc.

One only has to look at the twitter accounts of BBC employees and hirelings to read rabid atheist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion writings by many of these people many of whom had the poshest upbringings.

This is why when the BBC goes into overdrive to promote homosexuality, AGAIN, whilst waffling on about equality and freedom... I take it with a huge pinch of salt.

When the BBC emiploys more working class, non left wing, Christian and pro-family journalists, presenters and researchers (especially in news, presenting and journo positions) - then I might take their lip-service to equality more seriously.

Tonight on Newsnight, Paxo asked why football wasn't homosexual friendly on the terraces. These people gave no concept of working class culture, football banter and the need for real freedom of speech.

If the Beeb's Guardianistas had their way football would be finally emasculated leaving a boring homogenous grey mass, sponsored by X Brand multinational, all owned by oligarchs, oil barons etc and no local roots or local culture on the terraces at all. But at least the less than 1% of active homosexuals would be happy!

Dear Lord save us all from such banality.

BBC Ignorance on Tudor History

An "historian" on CountryFile last night claimed Henry VIII's "Defence of the Seven Sacraments didn't sell a single copy in Englnd".

Er.... Because it was printed for circulation to Princes, Bishops and universities throughout Europe.

Honestly, it was either clumsy spin or terrible ignorance and the BBC should know better... Or maybe not! Sheesh.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Homosexual Militants Attempted Murder Against Pro-Family Activist

We should ask ourselves why the BBC has chosen not to cover a hate-attack on a French pro-marriage campaigner.

Given recent attacks and threats against those who seek to defend the family, by homosexual/feminist militants, perhaps the police should start taking these hate crimes more seriously?

Marriage Protester Stabbed

Thanks to 'Bones You Have Crushed' 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Why We Should All Worry About the Twitter Police

It's a moot point
As long as they are not gratuitously offensive, I think people should have freedom of speech. Part of me balks at this because I love Our Lord and Our lady and I know people will use this to attack them and their Church. But I also think the Church - the Mystical Body of Christ - is strong enough to fight back.

Don't you think the Protestants in the 16th Century used all manner of arguments, good and bad, true and false, against the Church. But when the Church got its boots on at Trent and via the Jesuits, it fought back, won back millions of souls and perfected what it already had and rooted out genuine abuses.

The problem today is that since the 60s and 70s the Church simply hasn't put its boots on. The enemy of the Faith is biting chunks out of the Church, and souls are being lost (especially in Europe), and too many Bishops are too busy playing golf and pat-a-cake with heretics to worry about defending and promoting the beauty of our dogmas.

Not Just the Church

Let's be frank though, it's not only Catholicism that comes under attack via free speech. In this week we have heard of a police youth commissioner (or somesuch) being sacked for making "racist" and "homophobic" statements and a police sergeant coming under pressure for making a statement against Margaret Thatcher.

We are approaching a dangerous time. Children who make tongue-in-cheek off-the-cuff remarks deemed politically incorrect and policemen who air their political views (both on their private Twitter accounts) are put under huge pressure.

It is a silly state of affairs. It is a dangerous state of affairs. It matters not whether we agree or disagree with their statements, or whether they were silly or serious. We should have a level of freedom of speech. This means that, short of gratuitously offending people by attacking an institution, group or person with genuine hatred (i.e. "I hate all gays/blacks/Catholics/whites/Protestants/Man Utd supporters" and so inciting possible violence against them), we must be free to state our beliefs without fear of a media onslaught and pressure to resign our job.

That means if I say:

I hate homosexuality
I hate immigration
I hate Catholicism
I hate racists or xenophobes
I hate Protestantism
I hate Man Utd or football

it shouldn't matter how ridiculous my statement is or is perceived to be, how ill-informed (ignorant) I may or may not be, I should be free to do so without fear or favour.

A policeman who says 'I hate Thatcher' should be as free to do so as a teacher who says 'I love Thatcherism'. A magistrate should be able to say 'I loathe homosexuality' as much as a GP should be able to say 'I think homosexuality will secure our future.' A comedian should be free to say that 'Catholicism is the greatest hatred and the source of all our woes' as I should be to say that 'our culture is rooted in Catholicism and it offers the answers to all mankind's woes.' A scientists should be free to say 'I don't believe in man-made climate change' as much as a scientist should be free to say 'man-made climate change is an established fact.'

There is a world of difference between sensibly airing your genuinely held views and being gratuitously offensive, just as their is a world of difference between a tongue-in-cheek jibe at a TV show and foul and abusive language.

If we're not careful we will create a climate of fear. Furthermore it will be those who might make sensible comments on social/political and similar matters who are silenced leaving the floor open to those who "go with the flow" as dictated by what is politically acceptable.

The chattering classes and Islington-set may see nothing wrong with that now, but what if the government changes? What if they start losing their jobs and start being locked up for airing liberal views? Those who cheer as the police knock on doors or investigate serious or silly tweets deemed un-pc or politically "offensive" might want to think twice, for it could be their doors getting a 6am knock and their livelihood at risk a few years from now...

Genuine liberties are hard won and easily surrendered.

It washes both ways of course. Will those dancing on the streets at Margaret Thatcher's death be so easy-going and understanding should some people organise similar celebratory street parties when Nelson Mandela dies? I would wager they would attack them and seek their arrest.

With certain freedoms come certain responsibilities, as Catholics well know (free will and all that).

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Another Anti Catholic Film? Or Not?

Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland
I watched an interesting film earlier entitled The Experiment, starring the brilliant actor Forest Whitaker (superb in The Last King of Scotland). The basic synopsis is that a group of people needing money are put in prison conditions to conduct an experiment and they quickly revert to type. The prisoners revolt, the guards become vicious etc.

I won't go into the pro's and con's of the film (rated 15). It is interesting, but has many holes in the idea, not least that they wouldn't all just grit their teeth, get by for 14 days and pick up their money.

Anyway, at the beginning we are introduced to some of the main characters. Forest Whitaker himself is seen in his home with religious iconography, not least a picture of the Sacred Heart near the TV. Straight away I turned to the family members watching it and told them that he would be the "baddie" and would turn out to be sadistic.

So it turned out. Why is it Catholics in Hollywood films usually turn out to be corrupt, evil, violent... In the 50s the good guys wore white Stetsons and the bad guys wore black Stetsons. It seems it's only in a minority of films now (ironically some classic horrors) that Catholicism is good and the baddies are classic baddies.

I know life isn't straight-forward and I like a film with twists and turns as much as the next chap. And I know Catholics can go bad (e.g. Martin Luther or Robert Mugabe), but I do get a little fed up when a main evil character is given the back story of being Catholic as a way to knock Catholicism.

Or am I just being uber sensitive?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jeremy Irons Asks if Fathers Can "Marry" Sons to Avoid Tax

In a recent post I said the media has a fixation with sex and especially homosexuality.

I saw this clip mentioned online. Yet again we see how the politicians and media are preoccupied with sex, homosexuality and the oxymoron that is "gay marriage" (it ain't gay and it ain't marriage).

It's Jeremy Irons being interviewed by the "Huff Post" - which has a whole homosexual section. He makes some perfect and worrying points, but watch the spin at the end by a "reporter" from a journal clearly pushing for "gay marriage" and how Mr. Irons has to appear "at ease" despite his misgivings. Presumably because he wants to work in Hollywood again...

Jeremy Irons


Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Reluctant Sinner: Au Revoir, Not Goodbye.

It was with great sadness I read that Dylan, the A Reluctant Sinner blogger, is entering temporary retirement from blogging.

His blog has been the source of much edification, cultural, historical and spiritual uplift since I first began reading it. I am sure it had a similar effect on many, many people.

I can only hope this stout defender of Catholicism hurries back.

The net needs more Welsh Catholic voices. So please Dylan, when you can, come back and inform and educate us once again.

God Bless you in all you do.

A Reluctant Sinner's announcement

How the Media Works

Heads They Win, Tails he Loses
Example 1:

Cleric gives interview to media. In long interview he is asked about the government asking churches to protect against secularisation.

Cleric answers honestly that this is chutzpah, that the govt is destroying Faith, especially via "gay marriage"

The media blows response out of all proportion.

The media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality.

Example 2:

Cleric gives long speech/homily. In it he deals with Our Lord, poverty, loving ones neighbour, loss, drink and drugs, abuse, unemployment, divorce, prayer, adoration, Confession. He also mentions "gay marriage."

The media reports that priest has spoken publicly against gay marriage.

The media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality.

Example 3:

Govt passes law giving homosexual couples rights. When it does it promises this will not lead to "gay marriage".

Just a few years later government pushes for gay marriage despite no public clamour, no need in law, huge petition against, and deep unease of many.

The government pushes and pushes and pushes for "gay marriage" even justifying it by appealing to Christian ideals and a pro-family spin.

Christians and pro-family activists quite naturally speak against the government who initiated this.

The media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality (not the government!).

Anyone spot the pattern here?

The enemies of sanity are fixated with sex. Their society is preoccupied by sex. Homosexuality is promoted at every turn, as is adultery, infidelity, hedonism etc.

Yet whenever the church speaks against something that is pushed on prime time TV on virtually every channel, virtually every night - the media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality!

Even though it is not true (the church spends more money educating and caring for the poor, for example), one may as well complain that the fire service is fixated with warning people about the effects of fires.

I don't expect the media, the politicians, the secularists, the atheists or the homosexual lobby to change tack. They are what they are. they lie as often as they speak.

Catholics need to 'shake the dust from their sandals' and move on from the baiters, the trolls and the ne'erdowells and keep promoting the Truth.

As Our Lord said "the Truth will set you free."

No Warnings?

In the meantime I'll leave you with this thought. medical evidence is that smoking kills people. Not all smokers. Not outright. But a significant number die early. So the government puts warnings on cigarettes  bans smoking in public buildings, taxes cigarettes, hides them in shops and so on. Schoolchildren are warned against smoking and shown the negative effects of it.

Medical evidence also proves that homosexuality kills people. Not all homosexuals. Not outright. But a significant number die early. Yet government (national and local) promotes homosexuality. Schools also promote it. Laws are passed to help its growth and existing laws against public/gross indecency are ignored by police forces to enable individuals to engage in common homosexual practices.

Why is one action which will kill a person early frowned on and banned; yet another action which will kill a person early is actively promoted? This is a blatant attack on active homosexuals themselves whose lives are at risk. Don't they deserve the help to quit their actions, like smokers?

Doesn't seem a caring attitude. Who are the haters? Those who wish individuals to live a full life? Or those happy to help them to a possible early death?

Catholics (and Anglicans etc.) do not hate homosexuals. We love them. We want them to be free from a deathstyle, from a world filled with drugs, abuse and disease.

We are always taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. The difference is when a cleric speaks against theft, gluttony, greed, divorce, bigamy, adultery, false witness, etc. the media ignore his speech because sin is de rigeur these days. But when he speaks against homosexuality, the media, the politicians, the secularists, the atheists and the homosexual lobby go into overdrive.

They are fixated with sex, not the cleric who dares to speak out once in a while. And whether it is active homosexuals, children abused by a step parent, children traumatised by divorce, or a generation of inner city gang members with no decent male role models - it is a rapidly disintegrating society that is picking up the pieces of their fixation.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Philothea on Phire: Vortex: The Media, The Church, and The Agenda

Philothea on Phire: Vortex: The Media, The Church, and The Agenda

Great post.

The video it links too is a bit "too" American, too Free-Enterprise (the Church is not opposed to Social Justice)... but it does make some valid points.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

BBC's Facts & Figures

On BBC TV and radio I have heard presenters say that the Catholic Church has 1.1, 1.2 and/or 1.3 billion followers.

We're either losing members of the Mystical Body if Christ rapidly, or gaining them rapidly.

But isn't it funny how fast and loose the BBC are with figures? It's like when they repeat the figures given them by the BPAS or Marie Stopes without even bothering to check their veracity; or when they parrot homosexuals are "one in ten" when in depth reports show active homosexuals actually number under 1%.

Perhaps the saddest thing of all - following BBC insistence on tagging "paedophile" next to every mention of the Church - is the amount of online cranks I've read attacking Pope Francis as "a paedophile."

What's clear is these people hate the Catholic Church so much, even if St Francis himself sat in St Peters, they would call him a paedophile (and I mean the online cranks, not the BBC).

Ho hum. Pearls and swine I suppose?

Congratulations Wales! Champions!

Peace on earth to all men of good will.

It was Providential. ;)

Sorry Richard.

Catholic Bloggers and Cats. It Just is... OK?

Several Catholic bloggers have just spontaneously combusted, or imploded, or something equally as bonkers.

A Catholic cat.

My goodness!

Thanks to St Peter's List on Facebook for this gem.

I'm Not Saying Wales is God's Favourite Country, but...

Welsh rugby - 'tis a thing of beauty to behold.
My friend, the English planter - ;) - the lionhearted Richard at Linen on the Hedgerow wonders if it is right for Catholics to pray for a victory in today's rugby.

I couldn't possibly say.

I'm sure God listens to the prayers of the English almost as closely... but given that the Pope is Argentinian (where they also speak Welsh) and we all know that Welsh is the second language of Heaven (after Latin, and just before Aramaic)... And of course we still live under the banner of a Roman Legion (the red dragon)... well.

All I will say is this, that given the two home-grown saints of these isles (David and Patrick) are both Welsh, then the Welsh role in the re-evangelisation of Europe in the Dark Ages via Monasticism -- much of which was rooted in Llantwit Major -- cannot stand for nothing. Wales in the 6th Century was to Europe what Spain was in the 16th, and we should all be grateful to Spain (without whose saints we wouldn't have a Catholic Poland).

In all sincerity I hope the best team wins. And when they do I hope the English will be graceful in defeat. ;)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Media Hatchet Job: Newsnight on Pope Francis

After the (first?) attempt at a hatchet job by the BBC's Newsnight (an institution and programme riven by paedophile sandals and cover ups) on Pope Francis viz his stance on the 1970s Argentinian military government -- a blundering hatchet job that was embarrassing to say the least -- I thought you might like this link as it deals with pathetic media attempts to attack the Church and the Papacy.

Newsnight still has an "acting editor" after botching an investigation (or covering it up!) into paedophiles inside the BBC, since when at least two more BBC presenters have been arrested for sexual crimes. Newsnight has also promoted the views of leading homosexual activist Peter Tatchell who, like many homosexual militants, believes the age if consent should be lowered and who also, in The Guardian newspaper in 1997 wrote a letter excusing sex with children as young as 9 years old (yes NINE years old). The apologist for paedophiles is often given uncritical coverage by a programme whose chiefs shut down an exposé of paedophilia. Hardly glowing references.

The Mark Steyn interview.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Paedophile Scandal and the Cause: Homosexuality

I found the following item of great interest. It seems to me that until the hierarchy is prepared to acknowledge the great harm done by homosexuals in the priesthood and expose the links between homosexuality and the 'paedophile scandal' that has enveloped the church, and destroyed Catholic lives, we will not find a way out of this.

Cardinal excuses homosexual priests

Habemus Papem: & The Secularists Unroll Their Agenda


We have a new Pope. Pope Francis.

He will have a heavy burden. We should keep him always in our prayers.

The media portrayed the appearance of Pope Francis with all its pageant, but already the secularists, within and c/o the media, are circling.

This morning I have heard a great number of them busy in the media suggesting what the new Pope must do. So far (and still counting) I've heard:

  • The sanctity of marriage must be undone by allowing divorcees to re-marry. This would mean marriage is no longer for life, an Oath to God is meaningless, and Catholics could swan in and out of marriage as their whims take them with the blessing of the Church.
  • An homosexual militant saying the Church must stick to caring for the poor (as if it ever stopped!) and leave moral matters to... well... the homosexual lobby, I guess. Of course, the very thought that the Church should step aside and leave the wolves to move a midst the sheep is unthinkable.
  • The Church should sell all its artwork to feed the poor. The - let me be charitable - numbskull who suggested this clearly didn't know the pharisees already tried this one on Our Lord Himself, and He gave them short thrift.
  • Of course the homosexual priests/paedophile scandal was uttered in every other sentence; yet it seems the very thing that needs to be done (defrocking homosexual priests) is the exact opposite of what the secularists want. Hmmm. The secularists forget that it was Catholic children assaulted by these monsters, it is the Church and its most innocent members that has suffered.
  • Contraception and wymmins rights were high on the agenda of one (feminist) lady. Of course most ladies such as this care not for Our Lady nor the message of the Magnificat. Their agenda is widespread use of contraception which would see the world die (as in European countries where there are not enough children being born) not to mention increased spread of sexual diseases (which are not curtailed by contraceptives) not to mention increased abortion - because when contraceptives fail, abortion rises - hence the RISE in abortion figures where contraceptives are widely distributed, especially to children.

It seems the secularists won't be happy until we get a Pope that isn't Catholic. God forbid. Literally.

But let's join their mad hatter's tea party for a moment. Imagine we got that very abomination. Imagine the Catholic Church were no longer catholic or a church. They would skip away happily knowing they had destroyed the institution left on earth by Christ to ensure we could all (if we desire it) receive his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity via the Blessed Sacrament.

They would leave behind just another floppy, wet, happy clappy, let's hug each other, social working, pressure group. If we all want that we can join Oxfam, Amnesty or any other secularist group whose impact pales in significance to Holy Church that raises up the poor and cares for the weak by way of its schools, hospitals, infirmaries, retirement homes, throughout the world.

Once upon a time in the UK Catholic adoption agencies were the most successful. They helped home the most difficult cases wiuth loving families. The secularists then changed the law. Bodies could not adopt out children if they were unwilling to do so to homosexuals. At the stroke of a pen the best adoption agencies were closed.

This is what the secularists would love to do to Holy Church. They don't care if the poor suffer. They don't care if the very best schools are closed (ask Nick Clegg!). They don't care if the homeless, hungry, ill and dying are left without the best care.

They want the Church disemboweled.

Expect the attacks on our new Pope to increase...

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Conclave, Media Spin & "Catholic" Protestants

An online friend (how modern!) asked if it were permissible to vote on the outcome to the Conclave which starts tomorrow (as if you didn't know).

I told him I had £1 on the (ex?) SSPX's Bishop Williamson. If I win, I stand to get the equivalent of Italy's national debt.

Kerching! ;)

Talking of the SSPX anyone see the report from Preston on the BBC's News at Ten tonight? What a joy to see the Latin Mass and Communion on the tongue (at an altar rail!)

But what the Hell (yes: Hell) were those nuns doing have their own version of a Mass to oldies sat in chairs around a room with a table in the middle??? Who consecrates their hosts? It had all the sanctity of a registry office wedding's finger buffet. BLEUCH!!!

Expect more of this from the BBC. Kooks and cranks given "equal say" as if their heresy mattered against 2000 years of unbroken Catholic Tradition. They are Protestants, as the following video ably proves:

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Christ Has Risen - In Romanian

Let me start with a caveat: this isn't really a prayer card, but I beg your indulgence dear reader.

I received this card from a friend in Romania some years ago now. What a difference between this and the slushy cards (if any!) to be found in most homes.

"Christ is Risen" the card proclaims as the clouds part, a golden glow is atop Our Lord's head and the Risen Christ is shown in His Glory. Redemption is delivered via The Passion of Christ and now the Prince of Peace has Risen from the grave.

What a powerful message.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Cardinal O'Brien's Resignation: What Should Faithful Catholics Make of this?

Cardinal O'Brien
I should start this post with a caveat:

I don't know whether the allegations against Cardinal O'Brien are true. He denies them. Three priests say they are true (and one ex-priest too).

I'm also typing this in a rush as it's Monday and I'm in work, so I apologise if I meander or the odd typing error creep in.

So what to make of all this?

I am convinced there is a war going on for the future direction of the Church. The resignation of the Pope, the jailing of his butler who was out to protect the Pope's life... and now the leading Catholic cleric in the UK is 'forced' to stand down just days before the conclave. This is not coincidence. There is some kind of hand behind this.

I hope the Cardinal clears his name. he has been a stout defender of Faith and morals, and we all know such people make big enemies - especially with the Freemason/(pro)homosexual lobby in the church: those who have truly covered up the terrible abuse by homosexuals who have infected the seminaries and the priesthood.

It seems ironic that the kind of Cardinals/Bishops who have protected homosexual priests and forced out those who have tried to speak out to protect the Church and protect the faithful are still in-situ; whilst the Cardinal who has spoken out and risked the hatred of the media and the enemies of the Church (and The Tablet, which falls in both camps) is now accused of the very heinous sin he has done so much to speak out against.

Time will tell... but the damage to the Church is already done and the media (which seeks to promote homosexuality and atheism at every turn) is having yet another field day.

No doubt the enemies (within and without the Church) of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body will be rubbing their hands with glee.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who is the ABORTION BOSS in the UK? A Concentration Camp Denier and Political Extremist!

BPAS Boss, Marxist and convicted criminal Ann Furedi
I would ask all Catholics and pro-lifers to buy the latest Private Eye magazine (just out). In its letters page there's a rebuttal of a previous letter by a Marxist who used to edit the REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY's magazine Living Marxism (later LM Magazine). The Marxist in question was not alone in editing the mag. There were two others, a married couple.

This mag (LM) was eventually shut down after denying the photographic evidence of skeletal figures and suffering in Yugoslav (Communist) concentration camps. They said the pics were doctored and one prisoner did not really exist. The ex-prisoner turned up at court, the Marxian triumvirate were found guilty and LM was no more.

Yes. Sad isn't it?

But why, aside from the fact that these Marxists lied and were found out for denying facts and whitewashing  death and misery (inc of Catholics) is this of interest to Catholics and pro-lifers?

Because one of the married couple, one of these "concentration camp deniers" exposed in open court, one of these mad Marxist Extremists out to disguise the terror of the gulags was none other than ANN FUREDI, the Chief Executive (that's BOSS to you and me) of BPAS - the British Pregnancy Advisory Service: the pro abortionists' apologists, the profiteers from misery and death, the media wafflers who excuse away the abortion death mills.

Perhaps lying about deaths in Marxist gulags was good practice for lying about deaths in abortion mills?

I wonder why it is a Communist like ANN FUREDI sees abortion - the murder of a baby - as an answer to poverty? Surely helping the poor and elevating their condition is preferable to killing their children? And when so many women are bullied into killing their babies, is this feminism? Remember too that most aborted children are baby girls. Feminism?

So please remember who is the leading advocate of abortion in the UK: a discredited Marxist extremist who denied the existence of Communist concentration camps, who was exposed as a liar in a UK court and whose LIVING MARXISM mag was shut down as a consequence.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dare we Hope for an African Pope?

Cardinal Turkson - a "favourite"
If there's one thing I love, it's when liberals are forced into a dilemma. They want to go for the most outwardly "pc" option, but to do so would weaken them. It's akin to watching those head-exploding sections of the 70's horror film Scanners.

A classic example of this is the gossip now breaking out re. who the next Pope will be. Of course, media-heads with no knowledge or real interest in the Church are saying "wouldn't it be great to see an African or Latin American as Pope." I think they are sincere. They are just going with the flow, and in the shadow of the fanfares that greeted the presidency of Obama, they are excited at the prospect of a non-European/White Pope.

So am I! Many have said that if the next Pope is a Cardinal from outside Europe/North America then there is hope he will be more conservative/traditionalist than one from within those continents. The liberals suspect this too, and a few have made noises in that regard.

And this is their dilemma. The talking-heads have said how wonderful a non-White Pope would be. And now liberal Catholics are having to umm and err, and say why we need a European Pope. One on TV tried to say how an Italian was needed, the implication was that a non-Italian (Benedict XVI) was too 'hardline' on contraception, women priests, gays and abortion; so an Italian would keep the Church (in their terms) "moving forwards."

Watching the liberals try and explain to non-religious and semi-ignorant TV presenters why a "black Pope" would be such a bad thing without saying as much is quite simply hilarious.

So here's to the next Pope whoever he is. Perhaps an African or Latin American Pope would continue to fight against militant secularism and relativism. One thing's for sure, if the next Pope does 'fight the good fight' as we all hope and pray, the media bosses will give him as rough a time as they gave Pope Benedict, so he's going to need our prayers.

And if he's a liberal?... Well he'll need our prayers even more.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Why are Liberals so Intolerant of Dissent?

You know when you hear a debate and you KNOW the person is either making it up or voicing some faux outrage?

This week on a Radio 2 phone in on the future if Catholicism there were a few voices if sanity - notably Ann Widdecombe MP and a geezer called Gareth from Wales. Then there were the 'others' who thought the church should be more "21st Century" or "move with the times" (that course of action having reaped such huge rewards for Anglicans!)

One lady even phoned it to bemoan the recent changes to the English language Mass ("with your spirit" and the Consecration changing back to "many" from the erroneous "all"). She claimed these changes were so arcane and infathomable that her visiting son "could not follow the Mass".

Either she made that up for comedic effect or her son couldn't follow it because he'd drifted away - maybe he'd gone "Tridentine?"

Does she really expect us to believe a few tweaks in the New Mass (OF) make it so revolutionary and different as to make it unfollowable? Moreover she thinks she has the right to more and more liberal reforms ad nauseum, but one slight step back and they want the Mass updated again.

It's always funny how liberals scream and screech when the Church tries to stop the rot, even in a small way, yet would readily embrace the bulldozers moving in to rip out all remaining high altars dictating Mass facing eastwards as opposed to facing the people.

Even though the Latin Mass (EF) had already been declared the Mass of all time by the Popes, how the liberals howled when Benefict XVI allowed what should have already been allowed - ready access to the Latin Mass.

Still as we've seen in recent weeks (gay "marriage") liberals like to screech and howl to try and shut down debate and silence anyone they disagree with. There's no one as intolerant as someone who says they speak for tolerance... Even in our own pews.

"Married" Homosexuals Die 20 Years Younger Than Married Couples

"Homosexual marriage" causes younger deaths than smoking
Yesterday by the Grace of God I picked up an old issue of Christian Order. Vol 48, #11 to be exact, from November 2007.

Given the uproar concerning the government having the sheer gall to redefine marriage so that it is no longer between one man and one woman, nor centred around procreation, this issue was most apt.

  • In this issue's editorial it details how homosexuals (male and female) who live in "gay-friendly" countries and who are in "civil partnerships" still die circa 20 years younger than married people. Given the strict rules against cigarette smoking, and that smokers die on average 7 years younger than others: should the government be banning or restricting homosexual behaviour as it does smoking, instead of promoting it?
  • Another fact among the many that sprang off the page was that the first homosexual couple to be allowed to foster children in Yorkshire (one of the first in England) went onto abuse children put into their care. They were "gay rights" activists.

Of course none of this will be reported in the media as it clamours for "gay marriage" which seems a dreadful disservice, not least to the pour souls with this 'disorder' and those put in their care.

Some articles from Christian Order are available online. If you Google for their page you may find this editorial. You will certainly find details of how to subscribe and support the mag which fights for Catholicism.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Was Pope Benedict Forced Out by Homosexual Lobby?

Forced out to protect the Church?
A friend close to the Vatican has told me that the Pope was forced out by a lobby of homosexuals and Freemasons.

The Pope has waged war against both for many years, and has been attacked by them primarily by using the paedophile scandal, which they concocted via the homosexual priests they placed in the priesthood.

A Polish priest, Fr Oko, exposed the roots of the scandal when he investigated the paedophile scandal, and he described a powerful "homosexual mafia": Pope Wages War Against Evil

When it was clear that "they" wished to kill the Pope, his butler exposed this because of his love of the Church and the Pope, and "they" were infuriated because it meant they could not now kill the Pope and blame the Chinese, or whoever - hence their blaming and jailing the Pope's butler for his leaks (I don't know if he made errors, or overstepped the mark, but a "friend of a friend" says he is a "good guy" - very traditional and loves the Church).

Now people in Rome are saying the Pope was forced to resign or this lobby threatened to tear the Catholic Church apart, just as they brought it to its knees via the paedophile scandal. Perhaps there was some other scandal they had a hand in. Certainly there has been talk of a scandal yet to come re. finances and similar (remember when the American authorities claimed the Vatican could be used by money launderers because it's security wasn't tough enough?).

Let us be clear. These people are infuriated by the Pope's teaching on homosexuality, they know that the world media will give the Pope a tough time over this. They are also infuriated by his defence of the Latin Mass, his attacks on moral relativism, his promotion of Communion on the tongue - in their eyes he is turning the clock of the church backwards, and undoing much of what they have cheered on since Vatican 2.

If the Pope has been forced to stand down, it is not because of a threat against his life. Like most popes, he would have been aware of such threats from the viciously anti-Catholic Freemasons over many decades (JP1, JP2...). It stands to reason that they will (like all gangsters do) have threatened the people around him, the people he loves: and that is us; the Church.

Should the Pope have fought on? Has he saved us from more scandals? Has the day of total war against the Church merely been postponed?

All we as Catholics can do is put our hope and trust in the hands of Our Lady. Perhaps as in the 16th Century, mankind has brought this upheaval and tearing of the Church on itself. Looking at the state of the modern world we can't think it otherwise, surely? What we now need are the saints to help the Church fight back - just as the Jesuits took the Faith back to Poland and Hungary, just as the saints rallied at Trent to codify the Tridentine Mass, that sacrificial Mass of such beauty that the Church declared it the Mass for all time.

If we place our trust in Our Lady, she will help the saints in the church today to win it back for Her and Her Son.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Glib Lies & Terror Tactics: It Must be the "Gay Marriage" Campaign

Big Business celebrates "gay marriage" in Vermont, USA.
There is something in the air. And it's not just the foul smell of David Cameron's messing about with marriage to try and 'do a Blair' (cement his place in history, blah blah).

It is the smell of repression, bullying and scare tactics.

Last night's Newsnight had all the balance of a Transvestite's new wardrobe party. The BBC has from time to time interviewed opponents of Cameron's unwanted, unneeded and mandate-less bill, but virtually everyone within the BBC has taken the stance of showing their colours in favour of the ultimate oxymoron.

The Twittersphere has been awash of course, with all manner of comedians and minor-celebs tweeting their extreme joy at "equality." This has left me wondering - are there no similar celeb-style people who are against "gay marriage?"

If we are to believe the stats and polls, roughly half of people are for it, half against (the number against rises significantly if they are told it gives homosexuals no new rights they don't already have). So where are the 50% of people opposed in the BBC? Amongst the comedians and celebs?

Either they are too afraid to speak out, for fear of losing their job/work, or the BBC (etc.) is truly unrepresentative of the people of these islands. Neither possibility is particularly welcoming.

We know the MPs do not represent the population. As often as they waffle on about "equality" still too many of them went to posh fee-paying schools, and so many of them are (ex) lawyers or went straight from university into politics; certainly far too many of them have no experience of struggling to pay for the basics or of manual labour. I am reminded of when GK Chesterton said that those in favour of population control never want to start with themselves. Similarly the public-schoolboys and well-off MPs try and tell us, with our two-up two-down houses, struggling to pay bills and run-of-the-mill jobs, about equality!

Today a number of people have said how Sarah Teather MP, the Lib Dem who is a Catholic and voted against the bill, has come under attack from the "tolerance" brigade who like to pour bile and hatred on anyone who proffers a different worldview to theirs. Their tolerance seems somewhat stunted and their talk of "love" somewhat empty as they come down on this MP like a ton of bricks.

Of course I was somewhat tempted by the arguments of the likes of David Cameron who says, quite simply, that if two people love each other and want to show a lifelong commitment to each other, who are we (if not "bigots!") to stand in their way? That was until I snapped out of my miasma and realised that by those empty and meaningless words, a mother and son, brother and sister, or similar could get married.

Let's not even go down the road of how "gays" cannot legally consummate a marriage, because marriage is of course based entirely on the willingness and openness to procreation. Those of us who know the story of Abraham know that the many liberals who whine about those who "cannot conceive" need a little more... erm... Faith. As for those who say they "do not want kids" - well we all know they can still conceive, and even those who say they would abort a child, there is still the chance of a changed mind, a softened heart and the love of a life given, kicking in.

Still, David Cameron knows best and now the minuscule number of Civil Partnerships will mean an even tinier number of "gay weddings" and all the nightmares resulting (the homosexual lifestyle being well known for its multiple "partners," violence, short-term relationships etc.) After all if mankind can make as much of a mess of marriage as it has, we daren't even imagine what horrors are in stall for the future with this monstrosity in the offing.

Perhaps open and honest blogs like this will be removed -- Facebook already took down a Spanish language Catholic page for "hatred," while extreme anti-Catholic, pornographic and/or homosexual pages remain safely in situ?

Perhaps Catholic bodies will find themselves in court, mirroring the way Catholic adoption agencies were already closed down (leaving more children in council run homes - those places so well known for creating dysfunctional teens)?

Perhaps Catholic teachers in state schools who refuse to teach that homosexuals can marry will face the sack? Perhaps Catholics who write in fora, on blogs, on Twitter or Facebook against "gay marriage" will face the sack or get that 5am knock at the door?

Certainly one friend of mine has already told me he dare not write anything against it for fear of work reprisal by bosses -- and he works for the Post Office!

And that brings us back to the silent comedians and celebs, who dare not speak their minds amidst a storm of celebratory messages from the empty vessels busy making the most noise. We are told we have freedom, democracy, etc... yet in a country where people are already fearful to speak out in defence of marriage: there is clearly something very, very wrong.

  • In 2004 the politicians pushing for Civil Partnership PROMISED there would be no push for "gay marriage." They lied.
  • In 2013 the politicians are promising churches wont be forced to carry out "gay marriages" and that teachers and others will not suffer for speaking their minds. They are lying again.

Homosexuality = anti-culture
The militant homosexual lobby (who do not even speak out for all homosexuals*) are already pushing for the age of consent to be lowered. The next stage in their campaign will work towards a quasi-acceptance of paedophilia. Peter Tatchell has already publicly written in defence of sex with 9-year-old children** And we Catholics should know better. The entryism of homosexuals into the seminaries (the pre-60s hidden trickle has become a post-Vatican 2 flood***) had a direct role in the explosion of child abuse that has dragged the Catholic Church through the mud: the Church a victim of the very forces that now screech at it for defending the family. It is ironic that the secularists who hold up the clerical abuse scandals as a means to bash all Catholics, will never say that the role of homosexuals was paramount in this dreadful episode. If the Church had kept its strict rules re. Seminarians and kept its internal policy the same as its public pronouncements then the scandals would never have happened.

If one thing is as sure as eggs is eggs it's that random and kooky CofE vicars and vicaresses will eventually start doing "gay marriages" (God is luv) and pressure will mount - and that's the danger of heresies: they lead to error and the next thing the dull, the ignorant and the just plain evil will say "the Jesus I know would have celebrated homosexuality" and then they'll point at the bizarre churchlets already carrying out these monstrous affronts to God, and the handful of CofE vicars (called Jeff n Tracey) who are doing rebellious "gay weddings" (and the CofE Bishops who will, by then, already be saying "maybe this isn't so bad...") and bingo: Guy n Wayne will be walking up the aisle at some Minster or other.

And it all began with some glib politician's lies, and the campaign of intimidation and fear by the uber-politically correct. I wonder if the war in heaven started in the same way...

St David - pray for us
St George - pray for us
St Andrew - pray for us
St Patrick - pray for us.
Our Lady, Help of Christians - pray for us.

*On yesterdays Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, they invited on two elderly homosexuals to "celebrate" the changes in the law, from the days (pre-1967) when homosexuality was outlawed. When asked at the end of the interviews how they felt about this wonderful bill (Jeremy Vine could barely conceal his joy, seems a BBC rule!) one said he did not favour it and that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. The other said he saw no need for it and was perfectly content with a Civil Partnership. Ooops. The BBC slipped up, and Mr Vine quickly moved on...

**In a letter he had published in The Guardian in 1997.

***Christian Order magazine has documented this very well, including the role of Cardinals in shielding known homosexuals, and attacking/demoting any priest who dares to speak out.