Monday, 25 February 2013

Cardinal O'Brien's Resignation: What Should Faithful Catholics Make of this?

Cardinal O'Brien
I should start this post with a caveat:

I don't know whether the allegations against Cardinal O'Brien are true. He denies them. Three priests say they are true (and one ex-priest too).

I'm also typing this in a rush as it's Monday and I'm in work, so I apologise if I meander or the odd typing error creep in.

So what to make of all this?

I am convinced there is a war going on for the future direction of the Church. The resignation of the Pope, the jailing of his butler who was out to protect the Pope's life... and now the leading Catholic cleric in the UK is 'forced' to stand down just days before the conclave. This is not coincidence. There is some kind of hand behind this.

I hope the Cardinal clears his name. he has been a stout defender of Faith and morals, and we all know such people make big enemies - especially with the Freemason/(pro)homosexual lobby in the church: those who have truly covered up the terrible abuse by homosexuals who have infected the seminaries and the priesthood.

It seems ironic that the kind of Cardinals/Bishops who have protected homosexual priests and forced out those who have tried to speak out to protect the Church and protect the faithful are still in-situ; whilst the Cardinal who has spoken out and risked the hatred of the media and the enemies of the Church (and The Tablet, which falls in both camps) is now accused of the very heinous sin he has done so much to speak out against.

Time will tell... but the damage to the Church is already done and the media (which seeks to promote homosexuality and atheism at every turn) is having yet another field day.

No doubt the enemies (within and without the Church) of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body will be rubbing their hands with glee.


  1. Before any of this hit, from my investigation, I found Cardinal O'Brien had unsound, liberal theology before he was made a Cardinal. So much so that, despite being aware of his stance against gay marriage, I had put him in my 'liberal' list of Cardinal-Electors.

    While it is suggested that something did change for O'Brien, it's entirely possible it was either reaction-formation, or some kind of deep cover. While I have no inside information, I don't immediately think he is an innocent victim here, and, as a conservative and orthodox Catholic, I'm relatively glad his vote is out.

    1. It seems the Vatican made the Cardinal sign an agreement on his being made a Cardinal, to make sure he would push the Church line... seems someone know.

      I am still sad about all this because I found the Cardinal to speak sense on many matters.

      Now we already have the media hinting that anyone who speaks out against homosexuality is a "closet" homosexual: an old Marxist trick - "heads you're with them, tails you're with them secretly."

  2. Precisely Gareth. Without wishing to get too apocalyptic you can see the prophecies of Fatima in all that is taking place at present.

    1. Thanks Richard. yes, lightning hitting the Vatican. Earthquake in Rome. Meteor[s] hitting Russia...

      *hides under duvet*