Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dare we Hope for an African Pope?

Cardinal Turkson - a "favourite"
If there's one thing I love, it's when liberals are forced into a dilemma. They want to go for the most outwardly "pc" option, but to do so would weaken them. It's akin to watching those head-exploding sections of the 70's horror film Scanners.

A classic example of this is the gossip now breaking out re. who the next Pope will be. Of course, media-heads with no knowledge or real interest in the Church are saying "wouldn't it be great to see an African or Latin American as Pope." I think they are sincere. They are just going with the flow, and in the shadow of the fanfares that greeted the presidency of Obama, they are excited at the prospect of a non-European/White Pope.

So am I! Many have said that if the next Pope is a Cardinal from outside Europe/North America then there is hope he will be more conservative/traditionalist than one from within those continents. The liberals suspect this too, and a few have made noises in that regard.

And this is their dilemma. The talking-heads have said how wonderful a non-White Pope would be. And now liberal Catholics are having to umm and err, and say why we need a European Pope. One on TV tried to say how an Italian was needed, the implication was that a non-Italian (Benedict XVI) was too 'hardline' on contraception, women priests, gays and abortion; so an Italian would keep the Church (in their terms) "moving forwards."

Watching the liberals try and explain to non-religious and semi-ignorant TV presenters why a "black Pope" would be such a bad thing without saying as much is quite simply hilarious.

So here's to the next Pope whoever he is. Perhaps an African or Latin American Pope would continue to fight against militant secularism and relativism. One thing's for sure, if the next Pope does 'fight the good fight' as we all hope and pray, the media bosses will give him as rough a time as they gave Pope Benedict, so he's going to need our prayers.

And if he's a liberal?... Well he'll need our prayers even more.


  1. What the press and other pundits don't seem to grasp Gareth is that we have had three African Popes already. It's not that ground breaking really.

  2. Richard - I may be wrong (what??? Blogger admits fallibility -- excommunicated by blogging community) but weren't the 'African Popes' Romans who settled in, or were born within, North African Roman cities/communities. Perhaps we should say first Black African, or first sub-Saharan Pope... but you know how media headlines work ;)