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Glib Lies & Terror Tactics: It Must be the "Gay Marriage" Campaign

Big Business celebrates "gay marriage" in Vermont, USA.
There is something in the air. And it's not just the foul smell of David Cameron's messing about with marriage to try and 'do a Blair' (cement his place in history, blah blah).

It is the smell of repression, bullying and scare tactics.

Last night's Newsnight had all the balance of a Transvestite's new wardrobe party. The BBC has from time to time interviewed opponents of Cameron's unwanted, unneeded and mandate-less bill, but virtually everyone within the BBC has taken the stance of showing their colours in favour of the ultimate oxymoron.

The Twittersphere has been awash of course, with all manner of comedians and minor-celebs tweeting their extreme joy at "equality." This has left me wondering - are there no similar celeb-style people who are against "gay marriage?"

If we are to believe the stats and polls, roughly half of people are for it, half against (the number against rises significantly if they are told it gives homosexuals no new rights they don't already have). So where are the 50% of people opposed in the BBC? Amongst the comedians and celebs?

Either they are too afraid to speak out, for fear of losing their job/work, or the BBC (etc.) is truly unrepresentative of the people of these islands. Neither possibility is particularly welcoming.

We know the MPs do not represent the population. As often as they waffle on about "equality" still too many of them went to posh fee-paying schools, and so many of them are (ex) lawyers or went straight from university into politics; certainly far too many of them have no experience of struggling to pay for the basics or of manual labour. I am reminded of when GK Chesterton said that those in favour of population control never want to start with themselves. Similarly the public-schoolboys and well-off MPs try and tell us, with our two-up two-down houses, struggling to pay bills and run-of-the-mill jobs, about equality!

Today a number of people have said how Sarah Teather MP, the Lib Dem who is a Catholic and voted against the bill, has come under attack from the "tolerance" brigade who like to pour bile and hatred on anyone who proffers a different worldview to theirs. Their tolerance seems somewhat stunted and their talk of "love" somewhat empty as they come down on this MP like a ton of bricks.

Of course I was somewhat tempted by the arguments of the likes of David Cameron who says, quite simply, that if two people love each other and want to show a lifelong commitment to each other, who are we (if not "bigots!") to stand in their way? That was until I snapped out of my miasma and realised that by those empty and meaningless words, a mother and son, brother and sister, or similar could get married.

Let's not even go down the road of how "gays" cannot legally consummate a marriage, because marriage is of course based entirely on the willingness and openness to procreation. Those of us who know the story of Abraham know that the many liberals who whine about those who "cannot conceive" need a little more... erm... Faith. As for those who say they "do not want kids" - well we all know they can still conceive, and even those who say they would abort a child, there is still the chance of a changed mind, a softened heart and the love of a life given, kicking in.

Still, David Cameron knows best and now the minuscule number of Civil Partnerships will mean an even tinier number of "gay weddings" and all the nightmares resulting (the homosexual lifestyle being well known for its multiple "partners," violence, short-term relationships etc.) After all if mankind can make as much of a mess of marriage as it has, we daren't even imagine what horrors are in stall for the future with this monstrosity in the offing.

Perhaps open and honest blogs like this will be removed -- Facebook already took down a Spanish language Catholic page for "hatred," while extreme anti-Catholic, pornographic and/or homosexual pages remain safely in situ?

Perhaps Catholic bodies will find themselves in court, mirroring the way Catholic adoption agencies were already closed down (leaving more children in council run homes - those places so well known for creating dysfunctional teens)?

Perhaps Catholic teachers in state schools who refuse to teach that homosexuals can marry will face the sack? Perhaps Catholics who write in fora, on blogs, on Twitter or Facebook against "gay marriage" will face the sack or get that 5am knock at the door?

Certainly one friend of mine has already told me he dare not write anything against it for fear of work reprisal by bosses -- and he works for the Post Office!

And that brings us back to the silent comedians and celebs, who dare not speak their minds amidst a storm of celebratory messages from the empty vessels busy making the most noise. We are told we have freedom, democracy, etc... yet in a country where people are already fearful to speak out in defence of marriage: there is clearly something very, very wrong.

  • In 2004 the politicians pushing for Civil Partnership PROMISED there would be no push for "gay marriage." They lied.
  • In 2013 the politicians are promising churches wont be forced to carry out "gay marriages" and that teachers and others will not suffer for speaking their minds. They are lying again.

Homosexuality = anti-culture
The militant homosexual lobby (who do not even speak out for all homosexuals*) are already pushing for the age of consent to be lowered. The next stage in their campaign will work towards a quasi-acceptance of paedophilia. Peter Tatchell has already publicly written in defence of sex with 9-year-old children** And we Catholics should know better. The entryism of homosexuals into the seminaries (the pre-60s hidden trickle has become a post-Vatican 2 flood***) had a direct role in the explosion of child abuse that has dragged the Catholic Church through the mud: the Church a victim of the very forces that now screech at it for defending the family. It is ironic that the secularists who hold up the clerical abuse scandals as a means to bash all Catholics, will never say that the role of homosexuals was paramount in this dreadful episode. If the Church had kept its strict rules re. Seminarians and kept its internal policy the same as its public pronouncements then the scandals would never have happened.

If one thing is as sure as eggs is eggs it's that random and kooky CofE vicars and vicaresses will eventually start doing "gay marriages" (God is luv) and pressure will mount - and that's the danger of heresies: they lead to error and the next thing the dull, the ignorant and the just plain evil will say "the Jesus I know would have celebrated homosexuality" and then they'll point at the bizarre churchlets already carrying out these monstrous affronts to God, and the handful of CofE vicars (called Jeff n Tracey) who are doing rebellious "gay weddings" (and the CofE Bishops who will, by then, already be saying "maybe this isn't so bad...") and bingo: Guy n Wayne will be walking up the aisle at some Minster or other.

And it all began with some glib politician's lies, and the campaign of intimidation and fear by the uber-politically correct. I wonder if the war in heaven started in the same way...

St David - pray for us
St George - pray for us
St Andrew - pray for us
St Patrick - pray for us.
Our Lady, Help of Christians - pray for us.

*On yesterdays Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, they invited on two elderly homosexuals to "celebrate" the changes in the law, from the days (pre-1967) when homosexuality was outlawed. When asked at the end of the interviews how they felt about this wonderful bill (Jeremy Vine could barely conceal his joy, seems a BBC rule!) one said he did not favour it and that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. The other said he saw no need for it and was perfectly content with a Civil Partnership. Ooops. The BBC slipped up, and Mr Vine quickly moved on...

**In a letter he had published in The Guardian in 1997.

***Christian Order magazine has documented this very well, including the role of Cardinals in shielding known homosexuals, and attacking/demoting any priest who dares to speak out.

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