Sunday, 17 February 2013

"Married" Homosexuals Die 20 Years Younger Than Married Couples

"Homosexual marriage" causes younger deaths than smoking
Yesterday by the Grace of God I picked up an old issue of Christian Order. Vol 48, #11 to be exact, from November 2007.

Given the uproar concerning the government having the sheer gall to redefine marriage so that it is no longer between one man and one woman, nor centred around procreation, this issue was most apt.

  • In this issue's editorial it details how homosexuals (male and female) who live in "gay-friendly" countries and who are in "civil partnerships" still die circa 20 years younger than married people. Given the strict rules against cigarette smoking, and that smokers die on average 7 years younger than others: should the government be banning or restricting homosexual behaviour as it does smoking, instead of promoting it?
  • Another fact among the many that sprang off the page was that the first homosexual couple to be allowed to foster children in Yorkshire (one of the first in England) went onto abuse children put into their care. They were "gay rights" activists.

Of course none of this will be reported in the media as it clamours for "gay marriage" which seems a dreadful disservice, not least to the pour souls with this 'disorder' and those put in their care.

Some articles from Christian Order are available online. If you Google for their page you may find this editorial. You will certainly find details of how to subscribe and support the mag which fights for Catholicism.

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  1. They, Christian Order, should start a blog or an online version of their magazine.

    Sounds like a great resource in the war against the culture of death.