Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Was Pope Benedict Forced Out by Homosexual Lobby?

Forced out to protect the Church?
A friend close to the Vatican has told me that the Pope was forced out by a lobby of homosexuals and Freemasons.

The Pope has waged war against both for many years, and has been attacked by them primarily by using the paedophile scandal, which they concocted via the homosexual priests they placed in the priesthood.

A Polish priest, Fr Oko, exposed the roots of the scandal when he investigated the paedophile scandal, and he described a powerful "homosexual mafia": Pope Wages War Against Evil

When it was clear that "they" wished to kill the Pope, his butler exposed this because of his love of the Church and the Pope, and "they" were infuriated because it meant they could not now kill the Pope and blame the Chinese, or whoever - hence their blaming and jailing the Pope's butler for his leaks (I don't know if he made errors, or overstepped the mark, but a "friend of a friend" says he is a "good guy" - very traditional and loves the Church).

Now people in Rome are saying the Pope was forced to resign or this lobby threatened to tear the Catholic Church apart, just as they brought it to its knees via the paedophile scandal. Perhaps there was some other scandal they had a hand in. Certainly there has been talk of a scandal yet to come re. finances and similar (remember when the American authorities claimed the Vatican could be used by money launderers because it's security wasn't tough enough?).

Let us be clear. These people are infuriated by the Pope's teaching on homosexuality, they know that the world media will give the Pope a tough time over this. They are also infuriated by his defence of the Latin Mass, his attacks on moral relativism, his promotion of Communion on the tongue - in their eyes he is turning the clock of the church backwards, and undoing much of what they have cheered on since Vatican 2.

If the Pope has been forced to stand down, it is not because of a threat against his life. Like most popes, he would have been aware of such threats from the viciously anti-Catholic Freemasons over many decades (JP1, JP2...). It stands to reason that they will (like all gangsters do) have threatened the people around him, the people he loves: and that is us; the Church.

Should the Pope have fought on? Has he saved us from more scandals? Has the day of total war against the Church merely been postponed?

All we as Catholics can do is put our hope and trust in the hands of Our Lady. Perhaps as in the 16th Century, mankind has brought this upheaval and tearing of the Church on itself. Looking at the state of the modern world we can't think it otherwise, surely? What we now need are the saints to help the Church fight back - just as the Jesuits took the Faith back to Poland and Hungary, just as the saints rallied at Trent to codify the Tridentine Mass, that sacrificial Mass of such beauty that the Church declared it the Mass for all time.

If we place our trust in Our Lady, she will help the saints in the church today to win it back for Her and Her Son.


  1. Very possible, Gareth. And close, very close, to what I believe. Thank you for posting it so precisely.

  2. "If the Pope has been forced to stand down..."

    Somehow I think that you underestimate the man.

  3. let us place our Trust in Christ. i pray daily sinc ehearing the announcement of the Pope's resignation for a strong Successor and for benedict as he -like Daniel- goes his way

  4. Thanks for your Post, indeed there is more to this than meets the eye. Was the lightening strike that hit the Vatican a coincidence? So many faithful & out spoken priest for the Magisterial have been falsely accused, whilst many that have attempted to destroy the truth from within are not chastised by their superiors.
    What a contrast from a dove that flew into the window and sat with Pope JP 2nd as to the lightning strike that hit the heart of the Vatican. It is a sign that all is not well. The most holy Pope has endured so much suffering from within and out of the church. Perhaps God has revealed his plan to Pope Benedict and he knows what is to come… Hence, the secluded life of prayer… POPE Benedict XVI has urged an end to "religious hypocrisy" and "rivalry" will they listen to the word of the successor of Peter. They church is divided, those who follow Christ’s teaching and those who do NOT. There is much more to this, and time will tell, lets us unite in prayer as our most loved Pope Benedict XVI said Pray for me, Pray for the Church and Pray for the future Pope. Amen