Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who is the ABORTION BOSS in the UK? A Concentration Camp Denier and Political Extremist!

BPAS Boss, Marxist and convicted criminal Ann Furedi
I would ask all Catholics and pro-lifers to buy the latest Private Eye magazine (just out). In its letters page there's a rebuttal of a previous letter by a Marxist who used to edit the REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY's magazine Living Marxism (later LM Magazine). The Marxist in question was not alone in editing the mag. There were two others, a married couple.

This mag (LM) was eventually shut down after denying the photographic evidence of skeletal figures and suffering in Yugoslav (Communist) concentration camps. They said the pics were doctored and one prisoner did not really exist. The ex-prisoner turned up at court, the Marxian triumvirate were found guilty and LM was no more.

Yes. Sad isn't it?

But why, aside from the fact that these Marxists lied and were found out for denying facts and whitewashing  death and misery (inc of Catholics) is this of interest to Catholics and pro-lifers?

Because one of the married couple, one of these "concentration camp deniers" exposed in open court, one of these mad Marxist Extremists out to disguise the terror of the gulags was none other than ANN FUREDI, the Chief Executive (that's BOSS to you and me) of BPAS - the British Pregnancy Advisory Service: the pro abortionists' apologists, the profiteers from misery and death, the media wafflers who excuse away the abortion death mills.

Perhaps lying about deaths in Marxist gulags was good practice for lying about deaths in abortion mills?

I wonder why it is a Communist like ANN FUREDI sees abortion - the murder of a baby - as an answer to poverty? Surely helping the poor and elevating their condition is preferable to killing their children? And when so many women are bullied into killing their babies, is this feminism? Remember too that most aborted children are baby girls. Feminism?

So please remember who is the leading advocate of abortion in the UK: a discredited Marxist extremist who denied the existence of Communist concentration camps, who was exposed as a liar in a UK court and whose LIVING MARXISM mag was shut down as a consequence.


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  1. Nice piece if investigative posting, many thanks Gareth.