Sunday, 17 February 2013

Why are Liberals so Intolerant of Dissent?

You know when you hear a debate and you KNOW the person is either making it up or voicing some faux outrage?

This week on a Radio 2 phone in on the future if Catholicism there were a few voices if sanity - notably Ann Widdecombe MP and a geezer called Gareth from Wales. Then there were the 'others' who thought the church should be more "21st Century" or "move with the times" (that course of action having reaped such huge rewards for Anglicans!)

One lady even phoned it to bemoan the recent changes to the English language Mass ("with your spirit" and the Consecration changing back to "many" from the erroneous "all"). She claimed these changes were so arcane and infathomable that her visiting son "could not follow the Mass".

Either she made that up for comedic effect or her son couldn't follow it because he'd drifted away - maybe he'd gone "Tridentine?"

Does she really expect us to believe a few tweaks in the New Mass (OF) make it so revolutionary and different as to make it unfollowable? Moreover she thinks she has the right to more and more liberal reforms ad nauseum, but one slight step back and they want the Mass updated again.

It's always funny how liberals scream and screech when the Church tries to stop the rot, even in a small way, yet would readily embrace the bulldozers moving in to rip out all remaining high altars dictating Mass facing eastwards as opposed to facing the people.

Even though the Latin Mass (EF) had already been declared the Mass of all time by the Popes, how the liberals howled when Benefict XVI allowed what should have already been allowed - ready access to the Latin Mass.

Still as we've seen in recent weeks (gay "marriage") liberals like to screech and howl to try and shut down debate and silence anyone they disagree with. There's no one as intolerant as someone who says they speak for tolerance... Even in our own pews.

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