Thursday, 14 March 2013

Habemus Papem: & The Secularists Unroll Their Agenda


We have a new Pope. Pope Francis.

He will have a heavy burden. We should keep him always in our prayers.

The media portrayed the appearance of Pope Francis with all its pageant, but already the secularists, within and c/o the media, are circling.

This morning I have heard a great number of them busy in the media suggesting what the new Pope must do. So far (and still counting) I've heard:

  • The sanctity of marriage must be undone by allowing divorcees to re-marry. This would mean marriage is no longer for life, an Oath to God is meaningless, and Catholics could swan in and out of marriage as their whims take them with the blessing of the Church.
  • An homosexual militant saying the Church must stick to caring for the poor (as if it ever stopped!) and leave moral matters to... well... the homosexual lobby, I guess. Of course, the very thought that the Church should step aside and leave the wolves to move a midst the sheep is unthinkable.
  • The Church should sell all its artwork to feed the poor. The - let me be charitable - numbskull who suggested this clearly didn't know the pharisees already tried this one on Our Lord Himself, and He gave them short thrift.
  • Of course the homosexual priests/paedophile scandal was uttered in every other sentence; yet it seems the very thing that needs to be done (defrocking homosexual priests) is the exact opposite of what the secularists want. Hmmm. The secularists forget that it was Catholic children assaulted by these monsters, it is the Church and its most innocent members that has suffered.
  • Contraception and wymmins rights were high on the agenda of one (feminist) lady. Of course most ladies such as this care not for Our Lady nor the message of the Magnificat. Their agenda is widespread use of contraception which would see the world die (as in European countries where there are not enough children being born) not to mention increased spread of sexual diseases (which are not curtailed by contraceptives) not to mention increased abortion - because when contraceptives fail, abortion rises - hence the RISE in abortion figures where contraceptives are widely distributed, especially to children.

It seems the secularists won't be happy until we get a Pope that isn't Catholic. God forbid. Literally.

But let's join their mad hatter's tea party for a moment. Imagine we got that very abomination. Imagine the Catholic Church were no longer catholic or a church. They would skip away happily knowing they had destroyed the institution left on earth by Christ to ensure we could all (if we desire it) receive his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity via the Blessed Sacrament.

They would leave behind just another floppy, wet, happy clappy, let's hug each other, social working, pressure group. If we all want that we can join Oxfam, Amnesty or any other secularist group whose impact pales in significance to Holy Church that raises up the poor and cares for the weak by way of its schools, hospitals, infirmaries, retirement homes, throughout the world.

Once upon a time in the UK Catholic adoption agencies were the most successful. They helped home the most difficult cases wiuth loving families. The secularists then changed the law. Bodies could not adopt out children if they were unwilling to do so to homosexuals. At the stroke of a pen the best adoption agencies were closed.

This is what the secularists would love to do to Holy Church. They don't care if the poor suffer. They don't care if the very best schools are closed (ask Nick Clegg!). They don't care if the homeless, hungry, ill and dying are left without the best care.

They want the Church disemboweled.

Expect the attacks on our new Pope to increase...

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