Saturday, 16 March 2013

I'm Not Saying Wales is God's Favourite Country, but...

Welsh rugby - 'tis a thing of beauty to behold.
My friend, the English planter - ;) - the lionhearted Richard at Linen on the Hedgerow wonders if it is right for Catholics to pray for a victory in today's rugby.

I couldn't possibly say.

I'm sure God listens to the prayers of the English almost as closely... but given that the Pope is Argentinian (where they also speak Welsh) and we all know that Welsh is the second language of Heaven (after Latin, and just before Aramaic)... And of course we still live under the banner of a Roman Legion (the red dragon)... well.

All I will say is this, that given the two home-grown saints of these isles (David and Patrick) are both Welsh, then the Welsh role in the re-evangelisation of Europe in the Dark Ages via Monasticism -- much of which was rooted in Llantwit Major -- cannot stand for nothing. Wales in the 6th Century was to Europe what Spain was in the 16th, and we should all be grateful to Spain (without whose saints we wouldn't have a Catholic Poland).

In all sincerity I hope the best team wins. And when they do I hope the English will be graceful in defeat. ;)


  1. LOL!

    Well, I have no qualms in asking God to bless our side with success!

    Enjoy the game!