Monday, 11 March 2013

The Conclave, Media Spin & "Catholic" Protestants

An online friend (how modern!) asked if it were permissible to vote on the outcome to the Conclave which starts tomorrow (as if you didn't know).

I told him I had £1 on the (ex?) SSPX's Bishop Williamson. If I win, I stand to get the equivalent of Italy's national debt.

Kerching! ;)

Talking of the SSPX anyone see the report from Preston on the BBC's News at Ten tonight? What a joy to see the Latin Mass and Communion on the tongue (at an altar rail!)

But what the Hell (yes: Hell) were those nuns doing have their own version of a Mass to oldies sat in chairs around a room with a table in the middle??? Who consecrates their hosts? It had all the sanctity of a registry office wedding's finger buffet. BLEUCH!!!

Expect more of this from the BBC. Kooks and cranks given "equal say" as if their heresy mattered against 2000 years of unbroken Catholic Tradition. They are Protestants, as the following video ably proves:

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  1. If you win both you and the H SP will deserve a swift introduction of my shoemaker to your tailor!