Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The BBC, Football, Ageism & Equality

I thought various BBC hirelings would be like the 80's Ska impresario today and, ahem, Buster Bloodvessel (sorry) over the lack of "out" gay footballers.

The BBC makes no attempt to hide its role as promoting homosexuality these days, despite that "lifestyle choice" shortening lives by circa 20 years.

Yes the journos and presenters who always accuse churches of being "fixated" with homosexuality, were very firmly fixed on homosexuality - again.

I cannot take these people seriously. Why so? Well we have the extreme political correctness of Richard Bacon on Radio 5 who told off a Daily Telegraph critic for not finding a new comedy all about a 'gay couple' (called Vicious) remotely funny. Bacon complained that the critic had a Telegraph anti-gay agenda. To which he replied that a. he was homosexual. And b. it simply wasn't funny.

How ridiculous for hard drug user Bacon to have his own agenda so that he could tell off a homosexual for not 'backing' a queer comedy - not to mention bemoaning that a Telegraph critic had a Telegraph outlook! Would he dare moan at a Guardian writer for promoting a homosexual programme? No. This is the BBC after all!

But it's not this ultra-PC nonsense I find most offensive: it's the two-faced nature of the BBC.

They bang on and on about "equality" so that schoolchildren should be "informed" about homosexuality (NB not its health risks etc), yet they regularly sack or replace women presenters because they're no longer dolly birds (as in the CountryFile case) and public school boys and girls are still woefully over represented at the "equality" conscious Beeb.

Never mind the fact that the balanced Beeb has tons of Guardian reading presenters (officially the most read paper at the Beeb and the least read in the country!), yet I have never heard a single Beeb presenter seriously question abortion, homosexuality etc.

One only has to look at the twitter accounts of BBC employees and hirelings to read rabid atheist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion writings by many of these people many of whom had the poshest upbringings.

This is why when the BBC goes into overdrive to promote homosexuality, AGAIN, whilst waffling on about equality and freedom... I take it with a huge pinch of salt.

When the BBC emiploys more working class, non left wing, Christian and pro-family journalists, presenters and researchers (especially in news, presenting and journo positions) - then I might take their lip-service to equality more seriously.

Tonight on Newsnight, Paxo asked why football wasn't homosexual friendly on the terraces. These people gave no concept of working class culture, football banter and the need for real freedom of speech.

If the Beeb's Guardianistas had their way football would be finally emasculated leaving a boring homogenous grey mass, sponsored by X Brand multinational, all owned by oligarchs, oil barons etc and no local roots or local culture on the terraces at all. But at least the less than 1% of active homosexuals would be happy!

Dear Lord save us all from such banality.


  1. A few years ago Bacon commented against drug taking - I was astounded and e-mailed him with appropriate admonishment. No response.

  2. The saddest thing is that the Beeb has had a Catholic at its head for several years. A good example of the dangers liberal Catholicism.