Friday, 17 May 2013

It's a Catholic Conspiracy! Jesuits Own Most Boats

A Protestant friend of mine some 25 years ago would regularly regale me with his pet conspiracy theories about Catholicism. And this was before the Internet!

One of them was that the "fish on Fridays" rule was thought up by the church to help fishmongers clear their stock for the weekend. 

At the time I laughed it off. But as the years have passed me by I found myself hoping that it's true. 

You see the Church is Truth. It's also (bar some hideous post-V2 aberrations) rooted in common sense. 

So if it can promote something a little self-sacrificing, which also helps a vital industry based firmly on the individual worker and family firms, then so much the better. 

Paul McCartney even told us that giving up meat one day a week would 'help the planet' - and we all know that fish is brain food and highly nutritious. 

So there we go. Four great reasons to be Catholic. 

And here for all Catholic blog fans is a picture of a cat:

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  1. I can'rt find the date at present, but there was a legal -England in Tudor times, I think , that fish must be eaten - to help the fishing industry - not sure that Friday was specified