Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hi, I'm a Eucharist Minister, Please Don't Punch Me in the Car Park.

These badges are everything that is wrong for the modern Catholic Church.

I mean really??? Do Altar Servers need to wear a badge? We can see them. And a Chorister? We can hear them.

But there's one that might be handy. Yes, the Eucharistic Minister badge. Just so we know who to punch in the car park! And no that's not a euphemism.

Still, small mercies. At least there's not a Priest badge. I think we can still recognise one of those on our own.

Mind you, the way some Jesuits dress... (and no-one mention the nuns OK?).

Now I want to see someone stood in Mass holding a large lollipop saying with the words "how may I help you?" emboldened on it (in liturgical colours of the season, natch!). The way some modern churches are built to resemble small branches of Tescos surely this is only a matter of time?

While we're at it, if there are a few queues for the Eucharistic Monsters, perhaps we should employ a Post Office style p.a. system: "position number three please" in numerous languages (inc Tagalog). But no Latin. No sirree.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Liberals: Jesus Didn't Condemn Homosexuality

Just read a liberal flow chart which tried to justify "same sex marriage" and homosexuality per se because Jesus never condemned it. 

Quite literally: OMG. 

So here's a meme just for them. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Tobacco & Marriage: Conservative Fudge

Modern Conservatives:

Don't rush new law on cigarette packaging to see how changes work elsewhere. 

Rush law on marriage despite evidence from other countries and public feedback. 

Modern Conservatives care more about tobacco big business than marriage and its age old rights. 

Shame on David Cameron!

Catholic Stamps from Monaco

I came across these stamps from Monaco. i do love it when I stumble upon stamps or coins from other countries (primarily European or Hispanic) with Catholic themes. I used to have a Gibraltar 20p piece with Our lady on!

On the left we can clearly see Our Lord sleeping during the storm. Not sure of the other stamp... Perhaps after the waters have calmed? Or maybe a saint.

They're dated November 1991. They seem to be a Red Cross themed issue.

Anyway, no harm in sharing.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

British & Irish Lions & the Psalms

Apologies to all Australian Catholics, but it looks like a Welsh - sorry, British & Irish Lions - victory has been foretold:

"The young lions suffer want and hunger, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." -- Psalm 34:10

And you can't argue with that. So lets have a cheer every time Halfpenny slots one over. 'Tis for the greater glory of God...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Of God or the World

I have to wonder when the world is sycophantic over a Pope. I would rather a Pope who puts the Mystical Body of Christ first and worldly adulation last. 

Be interested in the thoughts of others...