Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hi, I'm a Eucharist Minister, Please Don't Punch Me in the Car Park.

These badges are everything that is wrong for the modern Catholic Church.

I mean really??? Do Altar Servers need to wear a badge? We can see them. And a Chorister? We can hear them.

But there's one that might be handy. Yes, the Eucharistic Minister badge. Just so we know who to punch in the car park! And no that's not a euphemism.

Still, small mercies. At least there's not a Priest badge. I think we can still recognise one of those on our own.

Mind you, the way some Jesuits dress... (and no-one mention the nuns OK?).

Now I want to see someone stood in Mass holding a large lollipop saying with the words "how may I help you?" emboldened on it (in liturgical colours of the season, natch!). The way some modern churches are built to resemble small branches of Tescos surely this is only a matter of time?

While we're at it, if there are a few queues for the Eucharistic Monsters, perhaps we should employ a Post Office style p.a. system: "position number three please" in numerous languages (inc Tagalog). But no Latin. No sirree.


  1. Very recently the LMS Chairman wrote a post concerning a book (which he largely agreed with) that Vatican II betrayed the working classes, primarily by replacing devotion etc with prayer groups, & justice and peace groups etc. It is interesting that these tags in the post that you highlight are primarily the preserve of the (middle to upper) middle classes. With what I observe at my own church I am starting to believe that Joseph Shaw was right. It is certainly an interesting angle that as rearely been dealt with.

  2. Gosh, someone sure got out of bed on the cranky side this morning.

    - Mack in Texas

  3. Hi Ora,

    I agree. The churches have been robbed of working families, too many of whom now worship X Factor, Made in Chelsea or other mindless celebrity cults. The feeling that the church was robbed of young men and fathers in the 60s and 70s is well established. It's all about old ladies (nothing against them AT ALL, some of my best friends etc,, etc.) for the laity, touchy feely for the liturgy and non-offensive golf for too many bishops.

    if avoiding kum by ya, tambourines, Megaforgery hysteria, and the ambivalent fluffy language of "the spirit of Vatican 2" means I have to get out of the wrong side of the bed every day - no problem (y'all). :)