Saturday, 17 August 2013

St Paul's Cathedral & Anglican Heresy

Had a wee sojourn to London this week & whilst there popped into St Paul's to see what the prods are up to. Never been there before so thought it would be interesting. 

It wasn't. 

Lots of statues of soldiers, General this & that. Very few stained glass windows and very few images of Christ. 

My children complained. One said it felt like a courtroom. It certainly helped confirm that Anglicanism has officially moved further away from Christendom. 

It was not centred on the worship of Christ and the Church He founded, but on British military exploits and worship of the British State. 

Seperated from the nourishing Truth of Holy Mother Church, like the errors of Americanism (& to a lesser extent Eastern Orthodoxy), the Anglicans are set in a narrow plastic patriotism rather than wider Christian civilisation. 

We didn't stay for very long, and I left feeling reassured in my Catholicism but feeling very sad for England, Mary's Dowry. 

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