Thursday, 1 August 2013

Twitter, Trolls, Feminism, Lads Mags & the BBC

Sure is...
The link below is not to a Catholic site. Nor do I agree with all its contents (e.g. I think "lads mags" should be curtailed).

However, it points to a clever campaign by feminists. As usual they take the most extreme examples to push their agenda re the 'Twitter trolls'

I am not suggesting rape and death threats are trivial, but that trolls are. They have been around as long as the internet, and as the author here states they have made threats against others (including one unsavoury "right wing" character who has been assaulted).

I am reminded of newspaper articles and columnists who published features against "gay marriage" online. If you scanned down to the comments sections you would find the most obscene language and more by the forces of "tolerance."

That, of course, would not get airtime on Newsnight because they supported "gay marriage."

Anyone political will tell you that if you tweet you'll get trolls. if you respond to these sad individuals' bait, they will come back with more - and tell their 'friends' on various forums. Of course if you wanted this -- to highlight your radical feminist beliefs/campaign -- then it is easily done. If you didn't want it you'd be a fool, highly arrogant or both.

Internet trolling is wrong, especially when targeted against children (usually by their peers). But the immediate answer is easy. Make it simple for users (on whatever service) to report and block offenders.

I don't think we need an OTT response highlighted by the BBC to advance what is essentially a radical feminist agenda.

Perhaps if society taught respect for women at an early age, and dare I mention reverence and due honour to the Mother of God, we might not have these kinds of mindless trolls in the first place. Where has the idea that we are all made in the image of God, that we all have an immortal soul or that all women are someone's mother, daughter, sister etc.

And I think that goes as much for 'lads mags' as it does for twitter abuse.

(I won't mention opening a door for a lady as that seems to infuriate feminists; yet they don't get cross at all-women shortlists etc. - as Americans might say: go figure).

Interestingly (and as a bit of a post script) I saw a feminist activist tweeting about the campaign against 'lads mags' and I dropped her a line stating that I supported action against mags who make a commodity of young women, but that the campaign should be widened to include girls mags for teen and pre-teen girls because they seek to 'sexualise' young children and attack their innocence.

She flew into a rage and used words such at "patriarchy" to the effect I was some kind of fifth columnist. And that's the nub of it. They aren't interested in protecting children or stopping the sexualisation of children - they just want it on their 'equality' terms. And anyone who disagrees with them is a "class traitor" (whoops sorry, that's another bunch).

And that's why we should take their sloganising and crocodile tears with a large pinch of salt.

But then I'm a bloke, so my views may not count...

Thatcher on Thursday

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