Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Choice Lobby Publicly Back Infanticide

Anyone with half an ounce of dignity should listen to last week's Moral Maze programme which went out on BBC radio 4. 

You can still get it on the BBC iplayer & you can download the podcast. 

The programme dealt with abortion, with two speakers in favour of mass murder and two against. All are professionals and experts. 

What will poleaxe anyone with a grain of humanity is that one of the pro-"choice" lobby not only supported death up until birth in all cases (as did her compadre) but she openly supported infanticide. 

Yep. You read that right. 

This callous, uncaring, pro mass murder lowlife supported the killing of babies AFTER they are born, if that's what the "mother" wants (or no doubt if she's coerced to do so as with so many abortions, by a bullying control freak "father" of the child).

Listen to it. Tell your pro-life friends. 

This exposes the "choice" lobby for the murderous cowards that they are. They would rather see a baby die than support, care & help (& even adoption) be offered to mums in distress. 

That's the simple truth. 

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