Saturday, 16 November 2013

A Catholic Cat Story

I have long heard how Catholic bloggers are a bit Cataholic. That is to say certain blogs are quite sure to contain references to eucharistic monsters, Latin, Vatican 2, cats and what an error women's suffrage was. 

OK I made that last one up. Please don't tell the Missus. 

To ensure then I get a wider readership & enjoy the boon companionship of my blogging confreres (and er con-soeurs...) I am happy to include this picture.

It shows a medieval manuscript with the unmistakable addition of paw prints from an errant feline. The more times change eh?

And if you enjoyed this post tell your Cataholic friends about my humble blog. I can't promise a sense of fulfilment or regular cat posts, but I will purr contentedly when I see the visitor numbers increase. I would say I'd be like "the cat that got the cream" but I think we can all agree that would be a step too far and bordering on nauseating. I'll leave that to bishop conferences' statements on ecumenical dialogue.

Lol (that's there to secure the youth audience too, innit). 

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  1. Is that what is meant by the phrase, 'Prince of the Church?'