Sunday, 10 November 2013

Who decides church teaching?

This pic is from last week's copy of The Universe. 

First we had collegiality & with it liberalness crept in, especially in "the West" where some Bishops were closet, ahem, pro-homosexuals. 

Now we have some form of questionnaire. No doubt ignored by most, but taken up with gusto by pressure groups & vested interests. 

Is our Faith up for debate? If so why isn't the Latin Mass mentioned? And why do I get the feeling this is all part of their Lordships slide into media-friendly heresy-embracing PR?

Do Catholics need to vote on "gay marriage" and what if 99% said they approve of sodomy and evil? Would that make it ok? Would that negate the Bible? The Magisterium? The Popes? The Saints?

I suppose I'm asking the question - is the Church a democracy? If it is do the Church suffering and triumphant have their say?

When we need clear leadership, clear dogma, clear teaching and clear morals, I'm sad to say this LOOKS like more 70s-style fudge and error. 

I really hope I'm wrong and that their Lordships will defend our Faith and fight to save souls. 

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