Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Reluctant Sinner: Au Revoir, Not Goodbye.

It was with great sadness I read that Dylan, the A Reluctant Sinner blogger, is entering temporary retirement from blogging.

His blog has been the source of much edification, cultural, historical and spiritual uplift since I first began reading it. I am sure it had a similar effect on many, many people.

I can only hope this stout defender of Catholicism hurries back.

The net needs more Welsh Catholic voices. So please Dylan, when you can, come back and inform and educate us once again.

God Bless you in all you do.

A Reluctant Sinner's announcement

How the Media Works

Heads They Win, Tails he Loses
Example 1:

Cleric gives interview to media. In long interview he is asked about the government asking churches to protect against secularisation.

Cleric answers honestly that this is chutzpah, that the govt is destroying Faith, especially via "gay marriage"

The media blows response out of all proportion.

The media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality.

Example 2:

Cleric gives long speech/homily. In it he deals with Our Lord, poverty, loving ones neighbour, loss, drink and drugs, abuse, unemployment, divorce, prayer, adoration, Confession. He also mentions "gay marriage."

The media reports that priest has spoken publicly against gay marriage.

The media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality.

Example 3:

Govt passes law giving homosexual couples rights. When it does it promises this will not lead to "gay marriage".

Just a few years later government pushes for gay marriage despite no public clamour, no need in law, huge petition against, and deep unease of many.

The government pushes and pushes and pushes for "gay marriage" even justifying it by appealing to Christian ideals and a pro-family spin.

Christians and pro-family activists quite naturally speak against the government who initiated this.

The media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality (not the government!).

Anyone spot the pattern here?

The enemies of sanity are fixated with sex. Their society is preoccupied by sex. Homosexuality is promoted at every turn, as is adultery, infidelity, hedonism etc.

Yet whenever the church speaks against something that is pushed on prime time TV on virtually every channel, virtually every night - the media, secularists and homosexual lobby say church is fixated on sexuality!

Even though it is not true (the church spends more money educating and caring for the poor, for example), one may as well complain that the fire service is fixated with warning people about the effects of fires.

I don't expect the media, the politicians, the secularists, the atheists or the homosexual lobby to change tack. They are what they are. they lie as often as they speak.

Catholics need to 'shake the dust from their sandals' and move on from the baiters, the trolls and the ne'erdowells and keep promoting the Truth.

As Our Lord said "the Truth will set you free."

No Warnings?

In the meantime I'll leave you with this thought. medical evidence is that smoking kills people. Not all smokers. Not outright. But a significant number die early. So the government puts warnings on cigarettes  bans smoking in public buildings, taxes cigarettes, hides them in shops and so on. Schoolchildren are warned against smoking and shown the negative effects of it.

Medical evidence also proves that homosexuality kills people. Not all homosexuals. Not outright. But a significant number die early. Yet government (national and local) promotes homosexuality. Schools also promote it. Laws are passed to help its growth and existing laws against public/gross indecency are ignored by police forces to enable individuals to engage in common homosexual practices.

Why is one action which will kill a person early frowned on and banned; yet another action which will kill a person early is actively promoted? This is a blatant attack on active homosexuals themselves whose lives are at risk. Don't they deserve the help to quit their actions, like smokers?

Doesn't seem a caring attitude. Who are the haters? Those who wish individuals to live a full life? Or those happy to help them to a possible early death?

Catholics (and Anglicans etc.) do not hate homosexuals. We love them. We want them to be free from a deathstyle, from a world filled with drugs, abuse and disease.

We are always taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. The difference is when a cleric speaks against theft, gluttony, greed, divorce, bigamy, adultery, false witness, etc. the media ignore his speech because sin is de rigeur these days. But when he speaks against homosexuality, the media, the politicians, the secularists, the atheists and the homosexual lobby go into overdrive.

They are fixated with sex, not the cleric who dares to speak out once in a while. And whether it is active homosexuals, children abused by a step parent, children traumatised by divorce, or a generation of inner city gang members with no decent male role models - it is a rapidly disintegrating society that is picking up the pieces of their fixation.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Philothea on Phire: Vortex: The Media, The Church, and The Agenda

Philothea on Phire: Vortex: The Media, The Church, and The Agenda

Great post.

The video it links too is a bit "too" American, too Free-Enterprise (the Church is not opposed to Social Justice)... but it does make some valid points.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

BBC's Facts & Figures

On BBC TV and radio I have heard presenters say that the Catholic Church has 1.1, 1.2 and/or 1.3 billion followers.

We're either losing members of the Mystical Body if Christ rapidly, or gaining them rapidly.

But isn't it funny how fast and loose the BBC are with figures? It's like when they repeat the figures given them by the BPAS or Marie Stopes without even bothering to check their veracity; or when they parrot homosexuals are "one in ten" when in depth reports show active homosexuals actually number under 1%.

Perhaps the saddest thing of all - following BBC insistence on tagging "paedophile" next to every mention of the Church - is the amount of online cranks I've read attacking Pope Francis as "a paedophile."

What's clear is these people hate the Catholic Church so much, even if St Francis himself sat in St Peters, they would call him a paedophile (and I mean the online cranks, not the BBC).

Ho hum. Pearls and swine I suppose?

Congratulations Wales! Champions!

Peace on earth to all men of good will.

It was Providential. ;)

Sorry Richard.

Catholic Bloggers and Cats. It Just is... OK?

Several Catholic bloggers have just spontaneously combusted, or imploded, or something equally as bonkers.

A Catholic cat.

My goodness!

Thanks to St Peter's List on Facebook for this gem.

I'm Not Saying Wales is God's Favourite Country, but...

Welsh rugby - 'tis a thing of beauty to behold.
My friend, the English planter - ;) - the lionhearted Richard at Linen on the Hedgerow wonders if it is right for Catholics to pray for a victory in today's rugby.

I couldn't possibly say.

I'm sure God listens to the prayers of the English almost as closely... but given that the Pope is Argentinian (where they also speak Welsh) and we all know that Welsh is the second language of Heaven (after Latin, and just before Aramaic)... And of course we still live under the banner of a Roman Legion (the red dragon)... well.

All I will say is this, that given the two home-grown saints of these isles (David and Patrick) are both Welsh, then the Welsh role in the re-evangelisation of Europe in the Dark Ages via Monasticism -- much of which was rooted in Llantwit Major -- cannot stand for nothing. Wales in the 6th Century was to Europe what Spain was in the 16th, and we should all be grateful to Spain (without whose saints we wouldn't have a Catholic Poland).

In all sincerity I hope the best team wins. And when they do I hope the English will be graceful in defeat. ;)

Friday, 15 March 2013

Media Hatchet Job: Newsnight on Pope Francis

After the (first?) attempt at a hatchet job by the BBC's Newsnight (an institution and programme riven by paedophile sandals and cover ups) on Pope Francis viz his stance on the 1970s Argentinian military government -- a blundering hatchet job that was embarrassing to say the least -- I thought you might like this link as it deals with pathetic media attempts to attack the Church and the Papacy.

Newsnight still has an "acting editor" after botching an investigation (or covering it up!) into paedophiles inside the BBC, since when at least two more BBC presenters have been arrested for sexual crimes. Newsnight has also promoted the views of leading homosexual activist Peter Tatchell who, like many homosexual militants, believes the age if consent should be lowered and who also, in The Guardian newspaper in 1997 wrote a letter excusing sex with children as young as 9 years old (yes NINE years old). The apologist for paedophiles is often given uncritical coverage by a programme whose chiefs shut down an exposé of paedophilia. Hardly glowing references.

The Mark Steyn interview.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Paedophile Scandal and the Cause: Homosexuality

I found the following item of great interest. It seems to me that until the hierarchy is prepared to acknowledge the great harm done by homosexuals in the priesthood and expose the links between homosexuality and the 'paedophile scandal' that has enveloped the church, and destroyed Catholic lives, we will not find a way out of this.

Cardinal excuses homosexual priests

Habemus Papem: & The Secularists Unroll Their Agenda


We have a new Pope. Pope Francis.

He will have a heavy burden. We should keep him always in our prayers.

The media portrayed the appearance of Pope Francis with all its pageant, but already the secularists, within and c/o the media, are circling.

This morning I have heard a great number of them busy in the media suggesting what the new Pope must do. So far (and still counting) I've heard:

  • The sanctity of marriage must be undone by allowing divorcees to re-marry. This would mean marriage is no longer for life, an Oath to God is meaningless, and Catholics could swan in and out of marriage as their whims take them with the blessing of the Church.
  • An homosexual militant saying the Church must stick to caring for the poor (as if it ever stopped!) and leave moral matters to... well... the homosexual lobby, I guess. Of course, the very thought that the Church should step aside and leave the wolves to move a midst the sheep is unthinkable.
  • The Church should sell all its artwork to feed the poor. The - let me be charitable - numbskull who suggested this clearly didn't know the pharisees already tried this one on Our Lord Himself, and He gave them short thrift.
  • Of course the homosexual priests/paedophile scandal was uttered in every other sentence; yet it seems the very thing that needs to be done (defrocking homosexual priests) is the exact opposite of what the secularists want. Hmmm. The secularists forget that it was Catholic children assaulted by these monsters, it is the Church and its most innocent members that has suffered.
  • Contraception and wymmins rights were high on the agenda of one (feminist) lady. Of course most ladies such as this care not for Our Lady nor the message of the Magnificat. Their agenda is widespread use of contraception which would see the world die (as in European countries where there are not enough children being born) not to mention increased spread of sexual diseases (which are not curtailed by contraceptives) not to mention increased abortion - because when contraceptives fail, abortion rises - hence the RISE in abortion figures where contraceptives are widely distributed, especially to children.

It seems the secularists won't be happy until we get a Pope that isn't Catholic. God forbid. Literally.

But let's join their mad hatter's tea party for a moment. Imagine we got that very abomination. Imagine the Catholic Church were no longer catholic or a church. They would skip away happily knowing they had destroyed the institution left on earth by Christ to ensure we could all (if we desire it) receive his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity via the Blessed Sacrament.

They would leave behind just another floppy, wet, happy clappy, let's hug each other, social working, pressure group. If we all want that we can join Oxfam, Amnesty or any other secularist group whose impact pales in significance to Holy Church that raises up the poor and cares for the weak by way of its schools, hospitals, infirmaries, retirement homes, throughout the world.

Once upon a time in the UK Catholic adoption agencies were the most successful. They helped home the most difficult cases wiuth loving families. The secularists then changed the law. Bodies could not adopt out children if they were unwilling to do so to homosexuals. At the stroke of a pen the best adoption agencies were closed.

This is what the secularists would love to do to Holy Church. They don't care if the poor suffer. They don't care if the very best schools are closed (ask Nick Clegg!). They don't care if the homeless, hungry, ill and dying are left without the best care.

They want the Church disemboweled.

Expect the attacks on our new Pope to increase...

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Conclave, Media Spin & "Catholic" Protestants

An online friend (how modern!) asked if it were permissible to vote on the outcome to the Conclave which starts tomorrow (as if you didn't know).

I told him I had £1 on the (ex?) SSPX's Bishop Williamson. If I win, I stand to get the equivalent of Italy's national debt.

Kerching! ;)

Talking of the SSPX anyone see the report from Preston on the BBC's News at Ten tonight? What a joy to see the Latin Mass and Communion on the tongue (at an altar rail!)

But what the Hell (yes: Hell) were those nuns doing have their own version of a Mass to oldies sat in chairs around a room with a table in the middle??? Who consecrates their hosts? It had all the sanctity of a registry office wedding's finger buffet. BLEUCH!!!

Expect more of this from the BBC. Kooks and cranks given "equal say" as if their heresy mattered against 2000 years of unbroken Catholic Tradition. They are Protestants, as the following video ably proves:

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Christ Has Risen - In Romanian

Let me start with a caveat: this isn't really a prayer card, but I beg your indulgence dear reader.

I received this card from a friend in Romania some years ago now. What a difference between this and the slushy cards (if any!) to be found in most homes.

"Christ is Risen" the card proclaims as the clouds part, a golden glow is atop Our Lord's head and the Risen Christ is shown in His Glory. Redemption is delivered via The Passion of Christ and now the Prince of Peace has Risen from the grave.

What a powerful message.