Saturday, 8 February 2014

Nazi Glitterballs, Gay Rights & the Sochi Olympics

To all the liberals screeching about the Olympics date, I ask why:

There is no uproar of America's policy of gassing people with the mental age if a child. 

There is no uproar over America's allies in the "war on terror" who have laws outlawing homosexuality. 

There is no uproar over China using political prisoners (inc Christians) & labour camps to make goods for 'the West' & the big businesses that grow fat on the profits. 

No. The BBC (& the NY Times etc) would rather go on and on (and on) about a law which is almost identical to the uk law prior to circa 1999 (hardly a time when homosexuals were hanging from lampposts). 

It is also a law which over 80% of Russians support. Is there any law in Britain so popular? 

Just last week a BBC programme reported from a "gay" club in Russia. My! How repressive to have clubs where homosexuals can go and fraternise. 

Am I alone in being sick to the back teeth of the BBC obsession with "gay" rights and especially in regard to Russia? When Stephen "Bless" Fry compares Russia to Nazi Germany you know things are getting silly. 

I bet the homosexuals in those "gay" clubs can't believe just how similar to Auschwitz the dance floor is. 

Glitterballs? Oh the horror!

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