Saturday, 15 March 2014

When is a life not a life?

This week on Radio Two there was a fascinating discussion. 

It revolved around the case of a mum who had consumed alcohol whilst pregnant resulting in her child having a condition akin to mild brain damage. 

During the show we were informed that apparently this happens more often than you think, primarily with alcoholics and drug addicts. 

During the debate the unborn child was referred to as the unborn child, the baby etc. not once did we get the euphemisms of "foetus" or the frankly offensive "clump of cells."

Of course the idea of a mum harming her unborn child with repercussions for the life if that child has huge consequences and these weren't lost on the bbc. On Radio 5 Live a solicitor was asked if the mum had a "right to choose" as it was "her body" - a logical extension of the abortionists' myth, and rightly swiped aside by the solicitor. He asserted that the child has a future and the mother has no right to impose her short term gratification on the long-term health of the baby/child/person. 

How much moreso the mum who destroys the life of the baby, taking away the entire future of a person? Or of course the father who bullies and threatens the mother into killing the child? If a man in the street did that we'd call it "infanticide."

Being the BBC I'm sure they will move on from this, ignore it and move back to their cultural Marxism and purposefully whitewashing the mass murder of generations. 

Yet for a moment we had a glimpse of a society that actually cares for the rights of children and in the belief of the hopeful future of every child. And it was refreshingly optimistic. 

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