Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Call to Action, German Bishops and the BBC Agenda

I've just been listening to 'A Call to Action' being interviewed on the BBC Radio 4's Today programme podcast, re the Church's recent questionnaire on family life etc. results of which have been leaked by the German Bishops.

She (the ACTA spokesman) claimed she was not opposed to Church teaching (hint: they are), but wanted more consultation. Hmmm. 

Since Vatican II we've had endless collegiality. If there's one thing that makes faithful Catholics sink in their pew or run away to SSPX Masses, it's talk of 'collegiality' let alone consultation. 

As if to prove what a bad idea it is, the German Bishops leaking the result of their portion of the questionnaire is the cherry on the foul-smelling cake. I mean... Quelle surprise! It's pro contraception, pro-gay and pro-sex before marriage. If it weren't the German bishops would have sat on the results, if not buried them (no comparisons to the Third Secret of Fatima please...). 

What we are likely to see as a result of this questionnaire is a rift between the slowly dying, liberal Church in Europe & North America, and the growing, faithful Church in the "Third World"

Of course the Guardianistas in the BBC are cock-a-hoop, which is why they got in the ACTA heretics to bleat about the consultation. What ACTA and the BBC want (it's a unified aim) is the Catholic Church to be heretical and Protestant, with women priests, gay marriage, and acceptance of contraception and abortion. Despite the plethora of Heinz 57 Prod churchlettes out there who follow those lines, they want to bring down, destroy, emasculate and decapitate the Catholic Church because it is the Catholic Church.

The Church is NOT a democracy. We have an absolute and beneficent monarch at our head - God Almighty. We have a chief vicar on earth, the Pope, a post established by Jesus Christ Himself. We have dogmatic belief. All these give us firm foundations, surety, safety, security - all of which we need in a chaotic world of war, drugs, hedonism, selfishness, debauchery, greed etc. 

All of which makes me wonder why the Church launched this questionnaire. Why not ask us all where we stand on capital punishment? Or the European Union? Or  Vatican 2? Where does one draw the line? Why not elections for bishoprics. Or the X Factor for prelates? 

I know... I'm being facetious.  But there's a serious edge here. We are Catholics. We have Catholic Truth. We have a beautiful Faith with out-dates all regimes and secular isms (modern democracy has no real similarity to ancient democracy) rooted in the Mosaic Law given to mankind by God.

Post Vatican 2 'collegiality' has emptied Churches in Europe. Millions have lost their Faith. Souls have been lost. The false dawn of "the spirit of Vatican 2" has destroyed much of value, given us roller-disco church buildings, liberal schools, clerics with little or no Faith, and churned out generations of Catholic children with a weak grasp of their Faith. And we wonder why a questionnaire delivers answers that please the Tablet/ACTA/BBC crowd?

Recent news stories - not to mention Church scandals - should warn us that the 70's (the fruits of the 60's and it's sexual, political, cultural & liturgical revolutions) were an unmitigated disaster in historic terms. 

Yet here we are, going back to the empty slogans, feel-good mush and collegiality of the 70s. 

God help us all.

P.S. It seems, having delivered us the oxymoronic "gay marriage," the BBC's latest cause celebré is gender-neutral toilets and changing rooms for trans-sexuals. In a piece broadcast on Good Friday (I kid you not) they promoted this with an interview with a bloke in a dress, with no counter/sane view allowed. The enemy will never stop. They will always demand more... Catholics take note. The error and enmity of 'the world' cannot be sated.


  1. Excellent post Gareth, thank you.

  2. excommunicate these heretical bishops and priests along with their followers.i agree- the enemy will never stop until they bring down the catholic church like a pack of cards.this bishop of rome won't do anything about it so we have do it will be tradition that saves the church with faithful followers of the one holy catholic and apostolic church bringing us out of this auto -demolition!god bless.philip johnson.