Sunday, 11 May 2014

Eurovision: Drag Act Crowned by a Minority

The bearded freak that won last nights Eurovision was chosen by a handful of industry "experts". The popular vote made up a minority of overall votes. 

It was a con. They voted for a character designed to promote their social agenda. 

For example the UK voted for the "soft porn" offering of Poland. Yet when the votes were dished out, Poland received one point from the UK, Austria got 12 points. 

We shouldn't be surprised. A cabal of politicians and media men have pushed and promoted the "gay agenda" worldwide. This is no accident. No 'happy circumstance.'

Call it Frankfurt School. Call it Bilderberger. Call it Masonry. Or call it a Coalition of the Deluded... Whatever it is, it is organised and it is against the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The media will pretend the vote is a popular embrace of an extreme homosexual agenda. It is anything but. 

No matter what Graham Norton might say this represents! 

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