Thursday, 29 September 2016

What Goes on at ACTA Meetings?

Do you ever wonder what happens at those A Call to Action (ACTA) meetings that gather to discuss how to make sodomy more acceptable in the Church or how ecumenical dialogue with the Zoroastrians is really paying dividends, when the topic switches to liturgy?

Oh felt banners are all the rage, as are syrupy hymns with words like "you are cup Lord, I am the drink..." and so on. Somewhat surprisingly the issue of (in-flight style) sick bags in the book-holders on the pews rarely comes up.

And if you forget where you are and bring up thuribles and incense rather than Tracey from the Co-Op dishing out the Eucharist... well you'll get a passive-aggressive whisper in your shell-like.

You plonker!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Haiti and Planned Parenthood - Hillary is Against Catholics

Our Catholic brethren in Haiti were betrayed by the Clintons who used the Haitians suffering to enrich themselves with the generous donations of Americans, and to carve up Haiti for members of their cartel.

It's as if Hillary's full scale support of Planned Parenthood was not enough to prove to Catholics, and men of goodwill, just what a corrupt, criminal sleazebag she is.